Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Give me immunity

If your wedding is contagious, then I'm getting a vaccination.

We've all seen it happen, one girl gets engaged, and all of her friends soon follow.

But if a "wedding buzz" is the new bug that's going around...
Then I'm ready for my vaccine, (even though I hate needles).

Because I can't help but think that she wants to get married because you did, and that competition is not the basis for a long, healthy marriage.

It's the foundation for a flailing friendship.

So if you're suffering from the tell-all symptoms:
-dreams of a white dresses
-an attitude problem
-and an uncanny ability to forget where those diamonds came from.

I'll roll up my own sleeve, close my eyes and await my vaccination.

Because the pinch of that needle will be fleeting.
But a lifetime based on the rush of competition, will not.


Anonymous said...

you may want to tell your blog partner to get that vaccine too.

Sarah said...

cluck cluck :-)