Monday, February 11, 2008

His game evaluated

He was cute (David Beckham/Matt Damon cute).
And I wanted Her to see him. So, I did the logical thing. I pointed at him as he walked passed. "He's pretty cute, right?" I exclaimed, making her blush. He reacted as expected. "Me? Thanks!" he said with a smile that proved I was 100 percent accurate and my method was freaking brilliant.

Outside, he approached us, while the valet fetched her car. He started off saying his name (+) was Boris (-). That he was with his brother Roman, who shook our hands (+). They were both very Russian (-), but also had a Southern USA charm about them (+).

Boris made chitchat that was relevant (+) and pleasant (+). He said they usually hang out in Manhattan because: "We have good jobs" (-). Twice he mentioned his "good job." (- -). He kept flashing his key chain (maybe he had a BMW emblem on it) (-).

Boris complimented my dancing (+) and told me he couldn't help but notice that my stunning girlfriend was not dancing so much (++). She showed him her torturous heels and he flashed his white and blue leather boots — motorcycle riding boots. I gave him a (-) and SHE said they were a (++). Then he asked if we spoke Russian (-). To me, this seemed like a "Are you the kind I can bring home to mother?" question.

Now, at this is point in the convo, most guys fall flat on their face. I was expecting him to ask HER: "So, do you have a boyfriend?" bursting any hope that we women would meet someone with some finesse.

He didn't.

He said, "Well, my brother and I really enjoyed talking to you both. It's a shame we probably won't see you again."

It was an obvious, honest remark, which is why I liked it. If she was interested, she could have said, "I come here some Fridays" or "Can I give you my phone number?" She wasn't, so we just nodded and smiled, then slipped into the car.

For avoiding the clumsy denial Boris gets (++++), and my sincere hope that he meets someone who is interested in his "good job" and leather motorcycle boots. (There's always room for improvement.)

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