Monday, February 25, 2008

I'm fat and old at 25

... and Maxim Magazine told me so.
Just as I was preparing for my shower, there it was.

Staring me right in the face, was 120 pages of all the reasons I'm not good enough.

I tried to avert my gaze so that I wouldn't be starring the tiny twenty-something in the face.

But then, as always... I had to keep looking.

As if her scantily clad picture on the cover wasn't enough... I had to peak inside as well to curb my masochism.

Perfect hair.
Perfect skin.
Perfect body.

I flicked on the bathroom light and scrutinized myself in the mirror.
Pimple (again) and my hair looked flat, less shiny and a lot less blond than I remembered it.

I tried to console myself with the usual reminder that... no one is perfect and Photoshop can do amazing things.

But that realization isn't always enough to prevent the comparison of Real-life-me to Celeb-Her.

Because while I emerged from that shower clean and pretty... she still had me beat with "perfection."


Anonymous said...

you don't have to be perfect to be pretty.

Chrissie said...

ah! yes... you are right anon. but sometimes expectations get the best of us and we find ourselves making comparisons we shouldn't.

i wish i could say i felt amazing and appreciative of what i have every day... but i'm just not so lucky.

Jared said...

I think women spend a lot more time thinking about models in magazines than men do.

Chrissie said...

ahhh jared... your comment is music to my ears:)

do you think men ever spend their mornings comparing themselves to mr. muscles?

its funny... how even though i KNOW i'm attracted to "normal" men and that i find little quirks and imperfections to be the sexiest things about the opposite sex... i still find it hard to believe that men feel that same way about women.

in the end, i blame television.
for misrepresenting women... and also for giving me something to do other than exercise.

either way, it's responsible for me not being hot enough:P

Jared said...

I don't certainly have insecurities. Personally, I have plenty of flaws that I worry about, but I'm 26 years old and the lack of 6-pack abs is just not on the top of the list.

If a women who is seriously overweight worrys about her weight that's understandable. I just find it ironic that so many attractive women with at least one glaring personality flaw/disorder that is wreaking havoc in their personal life think that 10 lbs is their biggest problem.

Sarah said...

jared, you win the "comment of the day" contest! don't dare inquire about the prize. u already know that answer :1

jovial_cynic said...

Hrm. I don't understand.

Does any girl really want a guy who is only looking for a "perfect 10," whatever that is? Doesn't that just perpetuate the "men are pigs" notion?

If some guy is only looking at "perfect" girls, and not interested in looking deeper, why on earth would you want to be the object of his attention? Don't you girls HATE guys like that?

Chrissie said...

JC... maybe I wasn't clear on this, but the post wasn't about men who only look at chicks who are "THE PERFECT 10."

It was more about the fact that men are constantly bombarded by these 10s and that I hope it doesn't influence their expectations too much:P

jovial_cynic said...

chrissie - Not all men are so influenced. And my point still stands that I imagine that, on an intellectual level, you don't want a guy who would be easily influenced.

And that sort of opens up the grand paradox of this whole thing. I hear women say in one breath that they are disheartened that men are so easily influenced by images of women in magazines, and in the next breath they express the desire that men would find them to be beautiful. And that sort of translates to this:

I hate that you objectify women. But please objective me.

But of course, that's not what it really means -- it really means that you want men to only look at you, and not at other women. And in that case, I don't think the magazines matter much. You just want a faithful man who will make you feel good about yourself. And while there's nothing wrong with that, there is a sense of insecurity and dependency in the desire; that the approval of another human being is what gives you your sense of worth.

:: shrug ::

Just some food for thought. Personally, I think everybody should think highly of themselves. You might as well; you're stuck with yourself for the rest of your life.

jovial_cynic said...

er, "please objectify me."

Stupid typo.

Gman said...

Fat and old is OK.

Drunk and stupid ain't so hot.

Chrissie said...

... who said anything about "drunk and stupid" ???

I don't think a woman wanting her man to think she is attractive is her asking him to "objectify" her so much as to appreciate all aspects of her... regardless of the situation, i think people in relationships always hope their SO finds them to be the 'best' in every category, like you essentially said.

your comment about finding your own worth through the eyes of another human being has me thinking though... it's something i've pondered and discussed with friends seems worthy of it's own blog entry actually:)

jovial_cynic said...

your comment about finding your own worth through the eyes of another human being has me thinking though... it's something i've pondered and discussed with friends seems worthy of it's own blog entry actually:)

Well, when you post it, I'll be sure to comment. I've got a lot to say about the subject, as it's something that I've thought about for a while.

Gman said...

Dean Wormer was the one who said drunk and stupid was no way to go through life. He added fat, too. Said it to Flounder.

Exact quote: "Fat, drunk and stupid is no way to go through life, son."

I know stupid people who get drunk a lot. Really, it ain't so hot.

You do, after all work for Pojo, so you can't be stupid. Grossly underpaid, but not stupid.