Thursday, February 14, 2008

Just because SHE's wearing flats, doesn't mean I will

Last year, a week after the big Valentine's Day snowstorm, my two favorite girls and I decided to meet for a drink at Mahoney's.

It was early and we planned on some girl time and catching up...

But as we walked in, we were greeted much too warmly by a young woman who thrust folded white papers at each of us and said "Welcome ladies! Here are your menus!"

Yummy, I thought... Free Food!!!

But when I perused my menu, I realized... it wasn't your typical description of steak and poultry.
It was a MEN-U...
Apparently, our dear friend "Mahoney" was serving up meat with a large side of desperation.

We were in all our glory, Mahoney's had gone from our figurative "Meat Market" to a literal "Meet Market," fully stocked with more than 30 men, sporting numbers rather than name tags.

I loved every minute of it.
This "Meet Market" seemed more honest than any bar I'd been to.
Because it was obvious why these guys were there... it was QUITE apparent what they were looking for (the horribly-written bios found within our MEN-Us illustrated it perfectly).

I was approached by one guy in particular who we'll call number 13 (I'm terrible with names... and I left with his number and his number so it works).

He was cute.
He was "looking."
He was mildly entertaining.
He had a job.

And he was short as hell.

I had ALMOST decided that my "taste" in men wasn't that important.

If you can't find your favorite dish on the MEN-U... you substitute.
If you want steak but they only serve ground beef... you buy the burger.

Well, if you're STARVING you do.

My friend nudged me on by saying, "Well, you said you wanted to start wearing flats."

And although this is true, that I'm interested to see what life looks like from my actual height of 5'2... I don't want to HAVE to wear flats... any more than I want that dried up slab of beef instead of the fllet.

I like steak.
I like tall guys.

I left the Mahoney's Meet Market with 2 numbers in my cell phone, 2 numbers worn around my neck and a promise to myself.

I will not, wear flats, for anyone.

Except maybe me...
Because it doesn't hurt that it makes those tall guys e v e n t a l l e r.

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