Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Little white lies

We've all told them, whether to spare someone's feelings or to amp up a story that seems to be falling flat.

And since we're all occasionally guilty, it's hard to fault someone for just being "ordinary" in their tampering of the truth.

Little white lies can sometimes make us feel better (You don't look fat in that at all!)
And sometimes they just allow us to rid ourselves of shame, (OH, I broke up with HIM, not the other way around).

But I wonder...
Is there such a thing as too many white lies?
And do they lose their innocent qualities when they are more frequent?

I can't help but think that white lies aren't so harmless after all...

Perhaps their innocuous beginnings are just evidence of a storyteller, a person who peppers their life with inaccuracies... some damaging enough to cause a big black hole of deception.

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