Wednesday, February 27, 2008

"Make that two!"

As I hastily perused the menu, nearly everything looked appetizing.

But after tantalizing myself with the idea of sampling it all, I chose the one thing I really wanted and closed the list of available options.

Steak. My favorite. No more menu-searching necessary.

I was content enough with my decision to instead turn my gaze to my date but although he'd also chosen his meal, his eyes weren't on me.

They were on her.

You know, the girl who wasn't me.
The girl who looked as though she was using her revealing outfit as the perfect place setting for jealousy.

"What are you getting?" I asked.

"The steak," he replied. "It's the only thing that looks good to me."

"So then what took you so long to decide?"

"I was just looking I guess... but I knew what I wanted the whole time."

And just like that... I was thinking only of dessert.


Anonymous said...

clever... in top form here, chrissie.

just burn the misplaced question mark. it kinda confused me the first time i read it.

Chrissie said...

ah! thanks anon... it took me a minute to even pick up on the mistake you were talking about, but it certainly made that part confusing once i saw it:P

and as for being in "top form" i'm feeling more like myself lately, glad you noticed!

Chrissie said...

but where were you when i spelled 'staring' wrong in my post about being fat and 25??!!! i just picked up on that typo now... after hundreds were witness to my mistake and subsequent shame.

Anonymous said...

i did notice the "starring" thing. it was glarring straight at me. and i was gonna mention it. but. then. i didn't.

wasn't your top form anyway.

Mogul said...


Chrissie said...

you mean glaring i presume ;)

Anonymous said...

no. i meant "glarring".

-tr. v.
the intentional misspellification of glaring, used for its jarrring effect.


Chrissie said...

:P oh okay... i thought that was the term you may have meant.