Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Morals don't change

My journey to Catholicism left me enlightened yesterday. Class was about how Jesus left behind a community of consistent truth. "QUE?" you might say. Trust me, I know it's not your typical odd couple topic, so give me a second.

C. summed it up when I told him about the lesson:

" 'Morals don't change,' is what my dad always said."

"GULP!" went the girl who isn't baptized, who drinks and says the F word like it's her job, who just recently decided to read the Bible and figure things out for herself, instead of becoming the person her parents wanted her to be.

"Gulp" because no one had summed morality up so simply before.

"Gulp" because I was going to have to start using the word "fudge" a lot more.

"Gulp" because my "times have changed" argument seems more like it should be written down on notebook paper and turned into the school secretary.


madelena said...

Hey!!! I'm soo glad to hear that you've picked up the Bible! That's very exciting news!
It's important that in your questioning and wonder, that you've turned straight to the source.
Because sometimes when people have questions they automatically turn to organized religion, or someone that's a Christian who can be hypocritical and judgmental; then they get discouraged and turn away almost immediately.
I just wanted to say that you've made the right choice in turning to the Bible for the answers you're possibly searching for. It alone has them; not people or an institution.
Also, don't worry about not being baptized. In the Bible it doesn't say anything about babies getting baptized; it's actually a decision YOU make when you're older.
And cursing and drinking doesn't make you a 'bad' or 'evil' person, nor does it make you tainted to where God wouldn't or couldn't accept and love you. He does anyway regardless of our flaws.
That's one of the Truths that Jesus came to speak about.
People have a sinful nature, and it's in our nature to sin; I.E curse like sailors and indulge (in things such as drinking), and He is well aware of this.
Anyway, keep looking girlly, because you're looking in the right spot, and if you seek, you shall find.
Good luck and keep searching! (and GREAT topic!!)

P.S - I'm not quite sure what you mean about "morals don't change", because they certainly do! With time, a certain age and realizations, and knowledge.

Anonymous said...

morals don't change?

then i assume you have yet to "consummate" this relationship??

well, maybe you actually haven't. which would be pretty incredible if that were the case.

but nevertheless, morals DO change. a moral is only as legitimate as the people who subscribe to it. people change. cultures change. and morals change with them.

using "morals don't change" in a debate is basically like saying, "i don't feel like articulating my position anymore, so i'll drop some meaningless affirmation like 'morals don't change' on you and wave my hand and hope that my yoda-like jedi mind trick will stump you and leave you chanting softly 'morals don't change... morals don't change...' while i sneak past you and SEIZE YOUR SOUL!"

and it seems to have worked on you... ;)

btw, i am not a fan of star wars. it's just the first thing that popped into my head. i am definitely NOT a FAN of STAR WARS. just want to be clear.