Friday, February 15, 2008

A night of the best

The ONLY thing bad about my Valentine's Day date last night is the way I feel this morning. Nothing a few Advils can't fix....

When C. and I arrived to our dining destination, we discovered a wine pairing menu that was too delectable to turn down. I had mini wontons and fresh mix greens with a perfectly bubbly glass of champagne. Sushi tuna rolls with chardonnay. A perfectly pink dainty fillet with a fruity Zinfandel and finally, The Course. Chocolate covered heaven complimented by a dessert wine that was purely sensual, magical and fantastical.

The meals came out slow, so we had lots of time to talk and being the shy girl I am, I told him how he carries my heart, that he's never without it. His smile wrapped around his face, and everything just felt perfect. If I could measure my heart, I think it grew just sitting there looking at that incredibly handsome man.

Now, let me tell you about our gift exchange. C. got me this along with this! He knows I love tea and I made him promise just to take me out to dinner. So his thoughtful extra was splendid.

I wrote him a cheesy poem, and when he made me read it to him while we held each other in bed, my tears were everywhere. It was the kinda cry that is uncontrollable, and it makes you giggle, and he giggles too. And you have to ice your cheeks, if he'd just let go of you for a second...

The poem went like this:

Fallen for you
When our eyes first met
Not knowing anything at all
About you yet

Through your shyness I found
My strength that night
And I asked your age
A move that proved right

We talked for a moment
And you gave me your card
To leave your side
I found very hard

Your friend called you names
But I didn’t stir
When our lips found each other
The rest was a blur

I woke up happy
It would happen a lot
I reached for the phone
And lost my train of thought

When you didn’t call
I thought you were cruel
But it turns out
You were actually a fool

The message at work
Came through quite clear
And off to Torches we went
After my death came near

The food was delicious
But the kiss was the best
While my dog attacked you
His teeth did not rest

That date was the first
Of many to come
That made my heart flutter
Like a soft drum

You let me know
The person you are
Something as special
As a shooting star

My wish came true
My prayers to God too
The man of dreams
That’s definitely you

How lucky I am
To know you’re all mine
To never question
Till the end of our time

I want you to know
To never doubt
That I am your girl
I will never bale out

Millbrook is my home
You are my life
And I can’t wait for you
To make me your wife

That day could be soon
It could be near
And not for one second
Will I feel any fear

Not for one moment
Will I set these lips down
I want nothing more
Than to be in that gown

And to shout to the world
How you’re everything to me
And show them that
I am your sweet pea

So today is just a day
Like all the rest
When I know in my heart
That I have the best

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

that poem is kind of cheesy.

but there's something refreshing about it, and about the fact that you shared it here.

you're like that girl who dances cuz she wants to and she just don't care.