Thursday, February 28, 2008

"Of all the things I've lost, I miss my mind the most."

Yesterday, at the sink, I grabbed the toothpaste instead of the hand soap. I was mid-squeeze when the brain alarm sounded. It sounded like this: WHAT IN TARNATION ARRRRE YOU DOING?! Today, I went to the copy machine. Hit copy. Waited until the clunking ceased. And then I walked away. Clutching oxygen in my claw. I sat down. Time passed. A lot of time. There's more. I used my soup spoon to swirl my coffee cocktail during a business lunch. I have tripped more times in the past two days than my acrobatic toddler years. I burn what I cook. I pace when I sleep. I think when I read. I ramble when I write. I am Unproductive. Fed up. Sad. A ball of emptiness, being paddled across job and home. I am completely, totally, absolutely DONE WITH WINTER!


Anonymous said...

I totally agree Sarah, I feel like one more day of winter might be all it takes to make me completly loose it.

I need sunlight, Vitamin D, daylight after work, ice cream cones and at the very least a change of pace:)

Anonymous said...

one morning i wasn't paying attention and poured milk right into the cereal box by accident.

you pretty much have to take all the cereal out of the box at that point. cuz the milk will eventually go bad.

another time i got really upset because i knocked over a glass of milk and spilt some on my laptop's keyboard. i was really annoyed with myself. i cleaned it all up, pulling out the keys and everything. but i didn't think to move the glass farther away. and it still had milk left in it. and sure enough, i knocked it over again. and again, it spilled all over my keyboard.

i'm not sure that second thing fits this blog post, but the first thing about milk fit pretty well i think, and the second thing was milk related. and pretty funny. to me at least. cuz i was there. you had to be there. to see my reaction over the 2nd spilt milk.