Thursday, February 7, 2008

Shiny Happy People w/ great hair

I love that:

1. the only reason I'm going to finish the book I started this month is because the male character reminds me of Matthew McConaughey. Not 1 page has been good, but this makes up for it.

2. i started hell, i mean work, at 7:45 a.m. today, which means when I walk out these doors, the sun will still be up. sorta like solar panels, i get my cheer from el sol.

3. using some of yesterday's inspiration, i successfully and semi-decently sewed my first set of pot holders last night — 3 of them in all. It's not that hard

4. i have a new blog to obsess about at lunch (and it's almost lunch). kudos Vanessa!

5. tomorrow, i have a date. it's sort of a double date with me and Mr. Hot Abs. Renay and Kate Hudson will tag along. Saturday i have a dancing date with the girls, after we get cheap haircuts and discuss my favorite subjects — cooking, crafting and weddings.

6. Did I mention my hair looks fabulous today?

Does life get better than this? seriously, I'm asking your opinion.

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