Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Show and Tell: What inspires you?

Boys and girls, today recess will be spent indoors, getting to know each other. I'll go first.

1.) My faith feeds my hunger for morality. Today is the first day of LENT. I sit here with a cross of ashes on my forehead (actually Father got a little excited and it's more like a blobumungus ). God is teaching me to be kind to cruelest, giving to the poorest and loving to the lost.

2.) Clever blogi stir up creativity. There are so many extraordinary writers, photogs and crafties out yonder. Like SouleMama Fish Mountain Mama and WeddingBee. YOU ladies, are the reasons why I rush home from Unexceptional Central to sew, fiddle with Photoshop, or pick a wedding color scheme.

3.) C. reminds me of the future. It's him that makes me daydream. That's when I smile the greatest, bulkiest grin in the world.

Now you go.

I unleash my creativity when _______________.

I read ___________ everyday.

Loving _____________ makes me a better person because ___________.


vanessa said...

I unleash my creativity when: ever I can. Photography, Video, editing, graphic design, interior design (my apt), and getting dressed in the morning.

I read yahoo! News and The Odd Couple blog everyday.

Loving Sean makes me a better person because he believes in me and my abilities making me want to accomplish all the things I'd normally be too afraid to on my own..

vanessa said...

BTW Sarah I have also been picking out wedding color schemes for about the past year... and it never gets old. haha. I find all the DIY wedding sites to be interesting too.

Chrissie said...

I unleash my creativity when... I blog.

I read... the POJO, and this blog, and some strange book everyday.

Loving my little sister makes me a better person because it teaches me patience and understanding.

Sarah said...

ooo what are your fav DIT sites? I've been on the Knot blogs lately, but they are too text heavy. I need photos LADIES, photos!

vanessa said...

stylemepretty.com is one of my favorites.

favorideas.com is good too. They have ideas for all different theme weddings.

Chrissie said...

ahem... are either of you ladies actually engaged??? :P

Vanessa said...

haha. Not offically. Just a promise. Ask me in another week chrissie :)

Sarah said...

Chrissie you sound like my boyfriend :-P