Thursday, February 7, 2008


1. Thursday: Simply because it's not Friday, Saturday or Sunday.

2. "Muffin Top:" The dough rises best in the winter, and I feel like I've been hibernating forever by the looks of my mid-section.

3. Money: Or, to be fair, the "lack of it."

4. My age: 25, soon to be 26... the fun is over, and now it's time to buy a house, make babies and succumb to society and its predictable expectations.

5. My eyes: For whatever reason, they're burning. Could be "allergies" (of what, the WINTER?!?!) or it could be the lack of sleep, since insomnia is my new hobby.

6. The feeling of never being finished: By the looks of it "life goes on." Every task ends and creates a hole that is quickly filled with another task. The feeling of being "caught up" is not something I'm recently familiar with.

7. My cat: Her need for affection is remnicsent of my own "needy" behavior. I think we both fancy ourselves independent, but are constantly proven wrong.

8. My cat: Yes, again, but this is more for the "surprise" she left me on the carpet when I got home from work last night and my inability to be mad at her at the sight of it. I think my response of "Oh no! Babies is sick!" proved at least one thing: I'll be a good mother.

9. I'm never alone, and when I am alone, I don't want to be.

10. Winter: Mostly because I have poor circulation and I'm forever cold. But also because of the lacking sunshine, the dry skin, the short days and long nights that don't involve any actual sleep.

Your turn.

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Travis Miller said...

See: not being able to get anywhere on time because 9G is closed due to an accident so all that traffic ventures to Rt. 9, where everything is backed up to hell because of bridge construction by Vanderbilt!