Monday, February 4, 2008


1. Touching: Go ahead, give him the kiss on the cheek if you've known him for 20 years, but if you used to have a crush on him, and think you can get away with snapping and unsnapping his shirt buttons in front of me, you have another thing coming.

2. EX-talk: Share the stories of "that time she freaked out and you decided you hated her." Do NOT mention her in a good light, ever. I don't want to know about "the apartment you used to live in," the "vacations you took," or the place that you met. She's better off a ghost in your past, than a pain in my present.

3. Women-who-make-you-laugh: I'm my own kind of funny, and I can be just as silly as the rest of them... but when that other woman really makes you let lose and enjoy yourself, laughing and joking around together, then my blue eyes turn green with envy.

Now it's your turn.
What makes you jealous?!?


Vanessa said...

1. hanging out with "available" women that I think are thinner and more attractive than me... esp. when I'm not around.

2. talking about ex anythings in a good light.

3. flirty myspace msgs posted from people I don't know. I DONT CARE if she copy and pastes it to everyone on her friends list, I DONT want her posting them to you.

Chrissie said...

i could never get on the myspace jealousy train, but i know you're not alone vanessa!!!

(unless you count that time i said, "SO! What's with those pics of you and THE EX on your page!?")

even old, old, pictures pose a threat, it's like the modern mantel, take those down and frame me instead!!!

Anonymous said...

how about finding an old book hand written by the "ex".....detailing every adventure and exciting thing they have ever done, and to only find out all those exciting memories that we have made together....the things that i would think would be special and one of a kind....are pretty much the same as what was done with the ex!!! doesnt feel too good inside.

especially seeing the line saying "remember how we make the best love ever?"


Chrissie said...

ahh!! yes! cutesy books/gifts from the past. DEFINITELY jealousy in the making.

i say, if you find that stuff and you're together, then THROW IT OUT! if they wanted to keep it, then they should have HID it out of your sight:P

Vanessa said...

myspace can be a dangerous place. I've heard of people breaking up after years of being together bec ausethey met someone else on myspace.

I guess the more fish in the pond, the easier it is to meet someone you like.

Jared said...

Is there any real doubt that the existance of Myspace is a net loss in terms of personal happiness?

Chrissie said...

well said jared:P

if only we could have back all the hours we spent obsessing over someone's page (or our own) think of what we could accomplish.

instead we're littering the world wide web with photos of our drunken selves and "comments" for our friends that the whole world can see.

and so i'm not surprised it's had an bad effect on relationships as well...

Anonymous said...

what makes me jealous? not a d**m thing.
i have self esteem, and could care less what he does.

Chrissie said...

i don't know that occasionally jealousy is evidence of lacking self-esteem...

i think it's simply evidence of caring about someone.

not that a person HAS to be jealous to care, but i just don't think that their jealousy means they have issues beyond being human.