Friday, February 22, 2008

What's the hold up?

This question came from anon.

Diary entry 3/11/07 might be able to explain better:
C. admits he's got some growing up to do before he's ready. Finally. The truth. So I am an idiot basically. Why didn't I know what I know now? Is this a wall or a hurdle? I dunno. But I feel sick.
Love is patient.
Sarah is not.
Sarah HAS HAD to be patient. Ugh! That's such an ugly word. PAY-CHENT. You have to grit your back teeth and almost spit to finish pronouncing it. Chent.
I am not a "waiter." I don't handle dentist appointments well, and usually Dr. Chris is only running 15 minutes behind. C. is 365 days behind! I feel like I am groveling. A lowly beggar with a mouth of dirt.

Well when life gives you dirt, make dirt cake. It's delicious. Really. I made it once, complete with gummy worms, and everyone loved it.

Maybe you could feed it to your man, if he's made you wait, to remind him where he'll end up if he doesn't propose to you soon :-) You could serve it with a side of tombstone! OH MY GOD! Here it is!
Talk about a HINT.

Meanwhile, I wait, for my one, my only one, to come to his senses. He's a hard one. He's got his reasons. But he ain't getting younger! He'll learn. His prison is walking through this world all alone. (yes, I'm singing to you).

Have you ever waited for the one you loved?


Anonymous said...

"That there isn't anyone else is the truth."

that's a bit overstated don't you think, considering all the other women (and men) in the world who have uttered that exact same thing at one point in their lives (perhaps even you in the past), and turned out to be wrong.

i know i know, YOU'RE different... THIS TIME it's different... right?

eh. i doubt that. love is proportionate to proximity.

but you seem to have a nice fairytale going. i'm sure it will all work out for you.

Sarah said...

— There was no last time.
— There wasn't a "this is the one."
There was lots of "If only I could change this" about him.

See yesterday's post. I've been pretty aware of my feelings for guys and accurate about meeting someone spectacular someday.

— I'm not Mother Goose. I really met the one who complements me perfectly.

in fact, i set my sights on being a reporter at the POJO when I was 20. at 23, that dream came true.

so, it's not that hard to believe that i found the right man, is it?

Anonymous said...

no, it's not. and only YOU have to believe it.

i'm just saying that your "right-man" mold could probably be fit by many other men out there, maybe even better than the guy you have now.

perhaps there was a guy just as compatible as C. who was as eager as you are to get married, but you missed out on meeting him, or dismissed him when you did meet him, because you were entirely focused on C.

or perhaps not...

i'm just making a point.

you're different. i understand;)

Sarah said...

I'd like to hear what others think!!! Is there only ONE true love for each of us?

Seems unlikely. How can there only be one? What are the chances we find he/her?

Well, when you do meet the person you've always wanted (and i hope you do), only he (she) exceeds your expectations, and you fall in love with him (her) over and over, it's not so hard to believe.

Mario said...

No, there's not only ONE true love for each of us. But the first one has to die. And then your kid has to call into a radio talk show and talk about what a great person you are. And then someone across the country has to hear your kid on the radio, and against her better judgment, get on a plane, fly across the country, and stand out in the middle of the street to catch a glimpse of you. Finally, both she and your crazy kid have to become convinced that you have to make it up to the observation deck at the Empire State Building on Valentine's Day, where you'll both meet and you will realize that true love can happen -- again.

That's how it usually works.

Anonymous said...

Does your boyfriend know that you post all this personal stuff about him so all the world can see. Kind of messed up if you ask me.

Sarah said...

anon, no, he doesn't enjoy some of the personal things I write on the blog, and yes, he does love some of the personal things I write on the blog.

Anonymous said...

I think its pretty pathetic how you are begging this man to marry you... He is just not that into you honey. You need to accept this and stop making a fool of yourself. If you want to get married and he doesn't, then he isn't sure your the one. Sorry to say, but your making other women look bad with this behavior.

Sarah said...

I'm not concerned about how I make other women look. Not even a little.

As far as me waiting for the man I love, who I want to be with, who I think is my "only one" ... well I might have something personal to share very soon... if I can only get the permission of my man, of every female on the planet, and every anonymous poster who woke up cranky this morning! Geees!

Chrissie said...

i don't know that showing a person you want to marry them is the same thing as begging him/her.

i think if a guy was really scared of sarah's gentle pushing, he might run away... but "the one" might just stick around until the timing is perfect.

Anonymous said...

Showing a person that you want to marry them is fine, but to constanlty remind them of it is too much. Its putting pressure on him and if you respect him, he will respect that he is not ready other wise its like your begging. "Please Please Marry me!" YUCK! If he wants to marry you he will ask, until then leave it alone! or at least don't write about in your blog anymore, im getting bord with it!

Sarah said...

What's your address anon. I have a cake I want to send you.

Anonymous said...

I don't know why your getting so upset, isn't this a public blog?? isn't there a "leave your comment" section so I can leave a comment?? it doestn't say that Sarah has to like what the comment says. Its just my opinion. Or Should we only comment on your blogs when we think there awesome??????

Jay said...

I think everyone's is being really mean to Sarah this morning.
Come doesn't sound like she's "begging"...just waiting for the man that she is in love with!

vanessa said...

I just want to say that I call dirt cake dirt pudding, and its AWESOMEEEE!!! I too go all out with the sandpail and gummy worms :)

Anonymous said...

I'm with Jay, I think some of you are being too quick to judge, Sarah is just being honest about her feelings and she's sharing them with us. Hence it being Sarah's blog. Whether we agree with what
she is saying or how she is saying it, I appreciate and respect Sarah's courage to discuss such personal issues in an open and honest way. I see no harm in that, if only all of us could put ourselves out there as she has.

Sarah, I do think that there's more than one love for us out there...but only one love for each phase/time of our lives. We are ever growing, learning beings. It only makes sense that our likes and dislikes change. What we thought was the "one" at 18, we might not think of as the "one" at 30. The trick being when you do find that "one", being able grow with them, in essence falling in love with this "one" over and over.

C will come around. Just be sure you're not trying to fix something that's not broken.

Anonymous said...

Sarah, I don't think your as in love with C. as you are with the whole idea of marriage and the lifestyle he can offer you. When your in love you are patient and understanding, you seem to be neither of the two. It's all about what Sarah wants, I'm ready now, I can't wait, propose or else. If C. proposes to you wount you feel as if he just did it to do it and not because he really wanted to, that seems alittle sad to me. Best of luck to you C. if your crazy enough.

Jay said...

Wow...what is with all the nasty comments?
Isn't it interesting how all the attacking, mean comments are signed "anonymous". It's easy to say whatever you want when you can hide behind the word "anonymous" instead of actually signing your name like Chrissie and Sarah do.

Is it just me or do some of these "anonymous" people sound perhaps a bit jealous that Sarah has found her "one" and they aren't so sure of the significant others in their lives? Hmmmm....just a thought there.

As for me...I hope it works out for you Sarah...there is nothing wrong with wanting to get married and starting a whole new stage of life with someone you love.
I'm sure C. is just waiting for the perfect time.

Sarah said...

jay is my hero!

kat said...

Its human nature to want to move forward with your life, start a family, grow up. Apparently some people don't feel the same way, case in point-anon. If you don't like what she says then don't read it. Every girl gets to a point in their life where they want to move to the next step with the "one". Theres nothing wrong with Sarah's post. Its not desperate or sad or pathetic or any of those "little-minded" words that were used. Its human nature. Some people just don't understand what its like to be an adult and in an adult relationship. Don't worry anon-maybe someday you'll find someone and you'll want to grow up too. Until then keep your nasty, unwanted, and just obnoxious comments to yourself. Nobody wants to see it anymore and frankly, maybe you should get over yourself and stop attempting to give advice to somebody when you clearly have no experience on the matter of marriage and relationships. You clearly have no idea what you're talking about. Sarah-don't worry, it'll happen. Sometimes it happens when you least expect it and its so much better that way. Don't expect it so that when it does happen it'll be the best thing ever.

Anonymous said...

This will be my last comment on this issue, due to the fact no one seems to be able to read what I have actually written. As far as me using anonymous I have already told you my name is Jessica, wich is the same as saying my name is Chrissie or Sarah right Jay? cause now that you wrote Jay I know everything about you and your standing by you comments????
And as far as me being jealous of Sarah's situation, not possible, I am married happily to the man of my dreams and he asked me without my begging!
I think marriage is wonderful, and love is true and more then possible, I just found Sarah's approach IN MY OPINION to be a little on the sad side. You only have to say it once, after that its up to him. I hope it does work out for them.
And in order to keep everyone happy I will only comment on blogs I agree totally with and say only nice things!
but keep in minde Sarah it was my "negative comment" that got this blog entry over 20 comments, unlike the usual 0 lately!

Chrissie said...

well jessica... JUST when you'd represented yourself in a respectable, straight forward manner with your last comment, you went ahead and lost any momentum you'd gained with the final "blow" in which you said:

but keep in minde Sarah it was my "negative comment" that got this blog entry over 20 comments, unlike the usual 0 lately!

as a contributor to this blog, i take offense to your assumption that your comments about this post were responsible for it getting any other comments at all. i'd like to think that a conversation can be intriguing, insightful, and controversial without being petty and trite. i'd like to think that opposing viewpoints don't have to be represented in a NEGATIVE manner.

i'd like to think that sarah's blog topic was chosen because it is a question of character, and choice, and opinion.

but i don't think a person's opinion needs to be peppered with insults or final blows.

i guess it's a shame that was your "last comment on the issue."

i know i'd hate to go out like that.

Anonymous said...

jessica or anon or whatever, don't worry about "keeping everyone happy".

i think everybody has been more than happy taking turns trashing your thinly veiled arrogance.

so thanks! keep it coming!

Anonymous said...

the truth sometimes hurts just a bit, I totally agree with your statements Jessica, let the person know how you feel and let things happen, don't harp on it thats how you push people away and make them resentful for doing things they didn't want to do or at least when you wanted them to do it, be patient or move on