Wednesday, March 5, 2008

30 and still cool

"Aging is bridging the gap between our aspirations and our actualities."

I read that somewhere.

There comes a time when hip hugger jeans don’t show off your figure, they give you a muffin top; when wearing a tube top and a mini skirt to work will get you fired; when music doesn’t pump, it blares; when afternoon naps are as rare and precious as rubies; when you have to give up eight hours of sunlight for eight hours of florescent light; when you show up for Happy Hour and leave when the college “drunk bus” arrives; when you stop holding onto the years when you owned a funnel; when the people who ask ‘how old you are you?’ are always younger than you; when 40 hours a week becomes a jail sentence, not a job description; when a snow storm isn’t a snow day, it’s a dangerous commute to work; when you start to admit that mom was right; when your friends start mailing you “Save the Date” magnets; when you admit you probably will never move to a beach town in Florida; when everyone stops making a big deal about your birthday; when you start comparing yourself to people you know who are 30 and are still cool.

And these are just more reasons why the world could not end soon enough.


Anonymous said...

How sad that you feel that way.

"PoJo Princess" said...

Do you suffer from HIDs?

Chrissie said...

A link may be necessary:)

Anonymous said...

"Aging is the process of inevitably accepting that the gap between our aspirations and our actualities will NEVER be bridged."

or maybe...

"Aging is refining our aspirations to reconcile our actualities."

those seem like a more accurate statement. pessimism is almost always more accurate.

Anonymous said...

your not even 30, why are you thinking like you are, you have 4 more years till then, enjoy them