Friday, March 28, 2008

Chrissie Stew

Ingredients: 1 Chrissie Lynn, 1 man, a disagreement of varying proportion, a large white flag and just a pinch of reality.

Directions: -Mix Chrissie Lynn, the man and the disagreement in large bowl until well blended.

-Let the mixture stand for a few minutes until at its peak of flavor and then let Chrissie Lynn stew over the mess until she finds a resolution.

-Add apologies as needed.
-Garnish with a white flag and hope that she soon forgets.

(Although she probably won't... it is a stew after all).


sarah said...

Some stellar advice I found on the Web:

— "The problem here is women live in this happy fantasy that they rule the world and are always right.... Men on the other hand have the problem of MAKING SENSE."

— "Your best bet is just too push her a little bit with your reasoning... when things are going to just go over the top, stop, apologize and prepare for the best make up sex you'll ever have."

— Tell her to shut up and that shes fat.

— a man's strength is in his arms, a woman's strength is her mouth

— don't answer her let her stew

— some girls just want to argue

— Usually if a person starts arguments all the time, they have somebody else.

— she might be a little bored and finding some "excitement" by making some arguments

— Try hitting her with a pillow ...but HARD!

vanessa said...

I just want to know if you purposefully (sp?) poseted the most disgusting looking stew you could find as your picture. WOW. I may never eat stew again. I don't even want to tell you what that looks like. But then again, you know me, and you probably already know what I think.

Chrissie said...

well vanessa... that beautiful stew picture is courtesy of "the man" so to speak.

we're not supposed to be putting up copyrighted pictures on our blog, so sarah and i have to make the best of what's available to us.

(although, considering the topic of an "argumentative stew" i don't think a pretty little picture would convey the same meaning;)

Jared said...

An argument with your SO is not an argument, it is a negotiation. Women understand that, men do not.