Wednesday, March 12, 2008

The soggy socks chronicles

it started out harmless enough, a nice sunny day,
a snow covered path, some fresh air

my best hiking buddy was looking ferocious as usual, grrrrrr

the initial views made up for the hour drive to
Sam's Point Preserve in Cragsmoor.

(is anyone else thinking about butternut squash?)

Then my adventure took a turn for the worse

(notice the green trail markings.
There's the obvious one there on the left.
And the oh so tiny marking across that there RIVER on the right)
I should have brought a damn canoe!

Six miles and two wet socks later, I was tuckered

so was he

was it worth every second?




I have ONE regret


That I had brought a Tootsie Roll pop

Speaking of licking...

I need your help!

This photo needs a name


Anonymous said...

That hike was a B_ _ _ _ _ !

sarah said...

Not the best seeing eye dog

Sean T. McMann said...

You're puppy dog is very cute!

Sean T. McMann said...

(I just realize that I used "you're" when I should have used "your")