Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Girl, you'll be a woman... now

I knew things were "different" at girls night, when one of us had a baby in tow.

2 singles, 2 takens and one married with children spread themselves around the table, drinking wine, and catching up.

And where once small talk was rampant, this time everything seemed "new" for all of us.
Each at our own separate perfections.

Single and excited.
Taken and content.
Married and accomplished.

But the most alarming thing about our dinner conversation, wasn't that we'd seemingly all changed our tune since the last encounter, but that we'd seem to reach a cadence.

Our melody had finally slowed...
And we'd surprisingly found ourselves women.


Chrissie said...

When did YOU realize you'd finally become the feared grown up???

Anonymous said...

I loved this post:) and totally relate.

It seemed that one day I turned around and my girlfriends and I were no longer spending saturday nights at the bar but at home with our long term boyfriends instead.

We started planning weddngs and babyshowers instead of keg parties and things that we once saw as only happening in the very very distant future (marriage and babies) were not just happening to other people anymore but were happening to us as well.

The funny thing was, we were not only okay with what was happening,

we were embracing it.

Chrissie said...

thanks anon! and that's exactly what i was referring to... the realization that you're okay with things being different.

i knew my old "ways" were changing when a close friend of mine, the one i often referred to as "my partner in crime," came over for some catching up...

and instead of happy hour and boys, we discussed babies and weddings.

i referred to our time spent together as "nice" rather than "fun."

not that it wasn't fun... but again because we'd embraced the idea that "nice" can seem just perfect sometimes.

Anonymous said...

sometimes you just get "funned" out (as in, tired of the fun). and you miss how things used to be just "nice".

and then things get nice again.

and then you get "niced" out.

it's a perpetual back and forth. growing up just sorta happens along the way in between. it doesn't necessarily align itself along the boundary between "fun and fast" and "nice and slow".

i guess i just disagree with the idea that "growing up" means "slowing down". in fact i reject it entirely.

but maybe that's because the ideas of "growing up" and "slowing down" are traditionally linked, and i've been rejecting tradition a lot lately...