Tuesday, March 11, 2008

He's paying for it, twice

I cannot fathom, why a man with pretty much everything...
A hot wife. 3 teenage daughters. A successful career.
Would choose to throw IT ALL away for sex.

And no, not the sort of sex where he was feeling lonely, desperate, and in need of a woman's touch. Not a drunken one-time thing with a co-worker while his marriage was failing.
No. Not this guy.
He, like many other men chose to PAY FOR HIS AFFAIR.

First: With actual MONEY.

Second: With the entirety of his livelihood. His marriage, his family, and his career will never be the same.

And while I watched his vague apology, it wasn't his words I was interested in.
But the look on his wife's face, as she stood dutifully by his side in the shadow of a scandal so huge that their lives will never be the same.

Where her smiles once were the foil to his sternness, she looked defeated.
A ghost of a woman filling her role as a politician's wife, looking ahead only to a life haunted by his mistakes.

He may have paid twice.

But she paid the most dearly.


Anonymous said...

I hate the fact that wives of politicians have to stand by their man in times like this just because of PR. I bet Hilary, or Mrs. Spitzer, or the wife of the New Jersey Governor who came out (I forgot his name) wanted to be there, yet their advisors told them it would look good to the public. Honestly, I'd have more respect for these women if they kicked their partners out the door, refused to be by their side after this type of betrayal, and let them deal with it on their own. By standing by their man in times like this, it makes them seem weak (in my opinion). Granted, some of these couples have been married for a long time, and the vow goes "for better or worse", But this is intentional wrongdoing, and certainly not the type of "worse" that I would consider part of this vow (ie. financial hardships, etc.). How can these women ever trust their husbands again? It's about faith and loyalty which this guys have no respect for.

Chrissie said...

my thoughts exactly anon, i can't imagine what it would be like to stand silently by my husband in a time like this.

i think the shame in doing something like this is almost the same as the shame in putting up with the act in your partner.

i'd be embarrassed to tell my own friends and family that my husband had been involved in such a thing... i can only imagine what it feels like for the whole world to know.

vanessa said...

McGreevey was the one from New Jersey. I think Hilary would have used a sawsall to remove Bill's nether region in a heartbeat. Afterall she is/was a successful corporate attorney and on the board for Walmart. But I think it was her plan all along that if she stuck by Bill, then she'd be running for president and it would be his turn to play the doting spouse.

vanessa said...

It's funny how the people that seem to have it all, can never get enough... of anything. And eventually you see their ugly mugs onn CNN apologizing to the world and their family. Disgusting. Its just proof that no amount of money can really make you happy. Unless $5000 prostitutes know something we dont?. OH! and did you hear the "madame" was from Rhinebeck?! haha.

vanessa said...

Someone pointed out another very important piece of the puzzle. THEY'RE ALL LAWYERS. So the moral of the story is: dont be suprised to find a lawyer involved in some sort of scandal. And ladies, certainly dont marry them!

Jared said...

Nice guys don't become governor of NY at 47. He stomped on so many toes that we know about and hundreds more that we don't. He was ruthless and hated, and in all likelihood was married to his job more than his wife and was never a good husband or father. This is what you'll always get from someone who is power hungry and driven enough to rise to the top.

In my opinion, he was also very, very effective. Of course he's getting what he deserves because a leader has to follow laws even if they aren't good laws. I just wonder why people are always so shocked when something like this comes from someone like him.

Chrissie said...

i don't know that its shock that something like this comes from someone like him so much that its just a shock in general.

regardless of the number of scandals involving politicians... i think it will always shock me that anyone is willing to give up a family or a "great life" for paid sex.

Anonymous said...

or a "paid life" for "great sex"

Mario said...

Maybe it's a more benign manifestation of the same impulse behind rape. As they say, rape isn't about sex; it's about power.

Perhaps a guy like Spitzer hires a high priced hooker because he can, and because he gets off on it. Again, he's not getting off on the sex, but the power. And he's a junkie for that power high.

While his little wifey sits at home and the rest of us are busy scratching out a living, Mr. Big Shot is lighting his cigar with hundred dollar bills.

Alice said...

Two things: One Silda Wall Spitzer got kids, and no matter what kind of a jerk Spitzer is, he's still the father of her daughters. I have a feeling she stood there for them.

Two, wasn't she independently wealthy before marrying ES? I thought she had her own cash somewhere.

Also, McGreevy's ex-wife (yes, they divorced soon after the affair was revealed) wrote an op-ed piece for the NY Times (I don't have the link), which offered some perspective.