Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Meet ANOTHER nice guy!

In honor of my old tradition (ya know, that ONE time I wrote about a NICE GUY) I want to take this time to point out yet another nice guy.

Apparently world, there are in fact at least TWO of them out there!

After a lousy day of 50 mph winds and wanting a spring that just wouldn't come soon enough... Spring was brought to me instead.

In the form of a beautiful flower-delivery addressed to yours truly.

And while I got to take in the soft petals and sweet smells, I was calmly reminded of no one else but him.

Because, no one, has ever, sent me flowers before.

Sure, I received the occasional rose at V-day and there may have been that one time that I was greeted by a small bouquet, but I've never before had the chance to suffer the embarrassment and glee that goes along with the P-D-F. Public Display of Flowers.

So this nice guy, made my day...

And this early arrival of spring promised not only the renewal of my favorite season... but also the renewal of my faith..... in men.


Chrissie said...

what can i say... i'm a sucker for flowers and i've got nothing pessimistic to say or write about today:)

so instead of using this comments section to point out my spelling errors, typos, or negative outlook on life... use it instead to attack me for being "boring" and "typically female."

go on.
i dare you.

Anonymous said...

chrissie, in my very humble opinion, your talent is illustrated not by the content of what you write, but in the way you write it.

"boring" doesn't usually factor in. some of us just enjoy reading you. the "topics" are inconsequential.

so take that. a compliment, albeit measured, to go along with your smelly flowers.

Chrissie said...

while i might usually say "oh stop!" or "pulleeeeeze!" i'm going to try something different with this compliment... so here it goes:

"thank you, thank you anonymous."

you just made my day.

(those flowers... that wasn't today so i was ready for another pick me up:)