Friday, March 14, 2008

No pilots need apply

Graduated college. Twice. Spent five years with one company without a single pink slip. Met a great guy who I know I can love for a lifetime. YaddaYaddaYadda...

Of all these accomplishments, there's one that's not on the list. One that ranks 1,000 notches higher... One thing each person MUST achieve.

I found my independence.

It was lost for a brief time. Before my induction into the Idiot Hall of Fame, I relied on M. to drive me places. E. to show me around campus. J. to keep me entertained and pay half the rent.

Oh what Nitwit Mistakes!

Three major relationship failures later, I was finally seeing the dilemma. No one else was going to make me happy except me.

When I set out solo, I discovered my own manual. After I'd read it, tested it, and perfected it, I just happen to pick up a passenger.

My graduate degree is just paper. My job is just a job. And C. is great, but I don't need him to smile or to laugh.

These things didn't change my life.
Learning how to fly my own plane did!


Sten said...

That is so awesome. Congratulations captain ;).

Anonymous said...

I was dating the guy I knew I was going to marry--then 8 months later we broke up. It was the best thing that ever happened to us though because I relied on him as well to do everything with me/for me etc. A year and a half later we got back together and I was the real me. Now we've been married for almost 4 years. He brings happiness and joy to my life, but he isn't the only reason for that. So kudos to you for finding that out as well! Everyone will be better for it.

sarah said...

Exactly anon. I think the best thing a person can do is to figure out how to laugh alone.

e.g. Hiking. I love it. But my boyfriends were always too busy or too tired to go. I would get so MAD when they'd make excuses.

Being single made me realize I could hike without them and still really enjoy myself.

I brought that independence into my relationship with C. If he can't go with me somewhere, I go alone and I am happier for it.

Yours truly,

El Capiton


Anonymous said...

Sarah, you seem like a one way street. Do you or did you do everything your boyfriends ask you to do. Did you ever think people might feel the same way you do and like their independence every now and then.