Monday, March 17, 2008


Perhaps some of you can remember, all those months ago when Sarah and I created this blog under the pretense of "SINGLE VS TAKEN." We each created lists of all the reasons it was better to be either one or the other, and we both thought we were right.

Well, SINGLE VS TAKEN, has suffered a huge blow.
Let's just say I've changed my mind, and the new tagline has to be, "TAKEN vs. Newly-TAKEN."

Here's what I said back then, and how I've changed my mind.

Reasons its better to be single:
1. You get that nice big bed all to yourself (pink pillows and all).
I don't like pink pillows, there is nothing "pink" in my apartment at all, and a big bed means nothing if you prefer to sleep on your couch when you're alone, because its shape reminds you of snuggling.

2. Eating dinner means making what YOU want, pizza or brownies, your opinion is the only one that matters.
Eating dinner with a man who LIKES YOU, means you can still have the pizza or brownies if you prefer, the only difference is that now you occasionally get vegetables in your system when he takes you out for dinner.

3. You're in better shape than all your "doughy-in-a-relationship friends," and they know it.
There are "things," you can do with your new man to keep you in shape... like hiking.

4. When you meet someone you click with, you never have to say, "I can't go out with you Mr. Soul Mate, Mr. Good-Enough-For-Now is waiting for me at home."
You don't have to go out looking for someone to "click" with, you have him already. (Staying single for 2 years makes settling out of the question;)

5. Checking in means going to the bathroom and making sure your lip gloss isn't smudged. It DOESN'T mean bringing your cell phone into the bathroom stall with you so you can say those magic, instigating words to your boyfriend, "I'm running late..."
Checking in actually means telling the guy who appreciates your individuality and independence that you're running late, and hearing him say, "Thanks for calling, I hope you're having a good time, I miss you!" <-- this makes you want to leave.

6. Your parents don't ask you embarrassing relationship questions that are laced with their disapproval, like "How's Mr. X, I hear he still works at the Mobil."

You're parents are happy you've finally found someone worth mentioning, and you've finally found someone you're not making excuses for.

7. Free Drinks!!! And by FREE I mean GUILT FREE! No one cares who's buying them for you, and you don't care if he can afford to or not!
Drinks are for mind-numbing distractions: Who needs THAT when you want to FEEL something?!

8. You can flirt endlessly with the most attractive guy in the room while your friend who's hitched can only look on with envy.
You ARE flirting endlessly, always, with the most attractive guy to you in the room, that's why you picked him.

9. All your clothes are cute since you're always on the prowl.

All your clothes are STILL CUTE because you're "new" to this relationship thing and you still don't want to repeat outfits.

10. Last but not least... You know deep down that the best is still yet to come.

You've learned that the only thing better than desiring "the best," is actually getting it.


Anonymous said... you single?

Chrissie said...

um. no...

Anonymous said...

thats too bad, i was gonna ask you if you wanted to hang out

Chrissie said...