Monday, March 17, 2008

Still at it... a year later

While my blogging better half has experienced a change of heart since we first started this Odd Couple experiment last March, my status has stayed the same.

C. still makes me feel intoxicated, now more than ever. I'm in love, if not stricken senseless. I barrel through today in anticipation of tomorrow.

But most of all, what I feel is disbelief (those red blotches on my body are the result of excessive pinching).

At times I may seem like dr. pollyanna schlessinger. Sorry for that. I can also be a sneering loud mouth spinster. Below, both of my best sides shine, in my BLOG Year in Review.

here goes:

What I said BACK THEN: You can start wearing your real underwear.
What I say NOW: Until the Victoria's Secret catalogs make you realize that your age isn't the only thing getting old.

Then: You are now the designated co-pilot during long driving trips – and that means you can take a nap, read a book or watch a movie while your loved one does all the hard work.
Now: He's driven so much in the past 3 years, his idea of a vacation is reading books and napping in his own bed.

Then: No one tries to hook you up with their really “nice” friend, co-worker, cousin, etc., who calls you babe and slaps you on the butt.
Now: Your relative wants you to know she has PLAN B (a divorced baldy with kids!) just in case your current relationship doesn't work out. An added blow: "Your mom approves."

Then: You can stop talking to your cats. They will only ever be able to MEOW, no matter how much you wish otherwise.
Now: You've thinking about adopting another "family member" to make up for him having to work Saturdays now until you start dating Daddy-O.

Then: If you were to get drunk, climb up on the bar and start removing clothes, your man would stop you, whereas your friends would video tape you and post it on YouTube.
Now: You video tape yourself doing cartwheels over Dave Matthews Band because your life is just that dull.

Then: Diamonds.
Now: The only sparkle you ever got was when you scrubbed the grime off his neglected shower.

Then: You don’t have to keep your promise to marry your best friend if you both are single at 35. Phew!
Now: Nope. You don't. You just have to be her maid of honor.


Anonymous said...

What are you trying to say here, that last year was better or worse then this one. You sound like your bored with C. not in dreamy love land, and not enjoying your relationship. You seem alittle bitter about things..

sarah said...

Dr. Pollyanna/Loud Mouth Spinster — That's my personality.

Am I...
Bitter, yes.
In dreamy love land, (if there is a place) yes.
Complex, yes.
Moody, oh yeah.

Read it like this... The top half is a disclaimer stating my relationship is still going strong.

The bottom half is me playing THE ODD COUPLE role of the spinster, since my other half wrote about her newly discovered Dreamy Love Land.

Hope that helps!