Monday, March 3, 2008


1. You shave. Everyday. Legs and all.
2. You run out of shampoo twice as fast, because now you shower before work, and before seeing him.
3. You panic come Friday night, simply because the only clean top you have to wear, he's (gasp!) seen on you more than once.
4. The words "downhill" to you have something to do with skiing, or sleigh riding. They have nothing to do with your looks or how you plan to maintain them.
5. He's seen you in your sexy jeans, but not your 'fat pants.'
6. Even your pajamas are cute... regardless of how infrequently you actually wear them.
7. Not only do you brush your teeth 4 times a day... but now having mint-flavored gum at your disposal has become important enough to buy stock in Trident.
8. The weather is no longer a factor in what you choose to wear. If the paper thin black jacket goes best with those shoes, you'll wear it in spite of sub zero temperatures.
9. Toothpaste check. Toilet paper check. Baby wipes check. (I refuse to elaborate on this one).
10. You always wake up a few minutes before him to brush your teeth, fix your hair and wash your face before sneaking back into bed and pretending you always look so "perfect."

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