Wednesday, April 2, 2008


Gone are the days of comparing our bikini-bodies to men's magazines and coming to terms with the fact that we're simply not "airbrushed to Hollywood perfection."

Instead, we're now bombarded with a social networking-world where the girl-next-door (and no, not Hef's girlfiend's) decides to put up her own racy photos via Myspace or Facebook.

In spite of all the talk of future employers checking up on our college escapades and drunken nights at the bar, some women are still using their profiles as their platform for a future in Hollywood, or at least at the local hooters.

But what I can't understand is why these girls can't see that they are propagating the ideas that women are just sexual objects and that skinnier, blonder, and tanner is better. Their "About Me" sections are laced with sexual innuendo and their 9 million friends all know what they look like naked.

It's one thing to tell your 8 year old daughter or younger sister that those "photos are just Hollywood and they don't represent real women."

And it's quite another to have to tell her that neighbor-Cindy-Lou just poses in that way "for fun."

Because what's fun for Cindy now, might come back to bite her in a few years when her body begins to sag and her face just isn't quite as pretty as it once was.

When she realizes that the only thing she has remaining from from her early 20's... is a reputation.


Chrissie said...

What do YOU think? Is there anything wrong with Cindy posing nearly naked for all the world to see?

You could argue that other's have been doing it for ages... in playboy and the like.

Does it matter that those other women get paid in cash and Cindy gets paid in attention?

sarah said...

Some people have nice voices.

Others have a talent for poetry.

Many like to show off their photography or graphic arts skills.

And then there's those who flaunt their best "ass"ets on social networking sites.

Sadly, I see the similarities. Sadly.

Jared said...

Some people are also very skilled in Photoshop

Chrissie said...

ha! i was thinking that while i posted this...

maybe those people you're talking about sarah, with the other hobbies and talents really ARE skilled at what they do.

and maybe, those people using only their "ass"ets are simply illustrating how well they can alter a photograph.

(but i guess that's a talent too isn't it?)!

Vanessa said...

There's totally something wrong with cindy-lou-slut. It seems like more and more young women are basing their self worth by how many men want to sleep with them. Or maybe the internet has just made it seem more apparent... And while men may slobber and whistle and in fact, want to sleep with these girls, thats all they want them for. They dont actually want to have a conversation with her.

And when Cindy-lou ends up getting unwanted attention and advances, well I say you brought it on yourself chicky, dont forget the mase. You make yourself look easy, they're gonna treat you that way.

I'm amazed at these girls, because in fact a lot of them are smokin hot. I never looked like that at 19, and most likely never will. But maybe they're better at bending the right way to make the cellulite disappear.

vanessa said...

At least the women that get paid are smart. They know how to make that money with as little work as possible.

The only problem is most of them are drug addicted or alcoholics to deal with the fact that they're living life as someone's "object".

Ever seen Airforce Amy? Wow. I want to know what she's on.

Chrissie said...

things i've learned while posting pictures on myspace:

1. any shot taken from "above" makes one's face look thinner

2. the crop tool can easily get rid of what my friends and i call "lunch lady arms."

3. photos that involve you and your boyfriend kissing, do not get comments. photos that involve two girls kissing get a thousand comments... a day.