Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Not me, not now

Another 20-something celebrity is pregnant, and while Hollywood is busting at its maternal seams, I'll be the first to admit, that while plenty of women my age are walking around with a bun in the oven... There are more than a few reasons that I'll sticking to the low carb fad and just say no to baby.


1. MONEY: Babies cost A LOT of money. And in order to offset the baby cost, I'd have to move back in with my parents.

2. MARRIAGE: To each his own, but I think babies should come AFTER the nuptials and I don't see a marriage in the near future or a ring on my finger any time soon.

3. ANXIETY: I get nervous when I have an interview planned for the next day, I can't imagine the anxiety that goes along with having a LIVING BEING inside of me for NINE MONTHS.

4. "YOU TIME:" All that ME TIME would disappear and I'd suddenly be all about the baby. It would certainly run the household... (or my parents home at least, since I'd be living there again).

5. SLEEP: I don't get enough of it as it is, and I'm often guilty of sleeping in the ladies room for 15 minute power naps. I don't want to know what would happen if I were up every two hours each night...

6. BABY NAMES: I almost named my cat, Oprah Winfrey, I am obviously not ready to name a human being.

7. THE CUTE FACTOR wears off for me in about 10 minutes... "Oh, it's so small! And cute... and yep... small and cute. Here, take it back, I'm bored."

8. A CRIB: My crib, fits 2 people uncomfortably... and I'm not quite ready to trade in my papasan chair for a bassinet.

9. DIAPERS: I don't like the idea of disposable diapers, yet I hate the idea of washing cloth ones. I think I need to determine my GREEN FACTOR for parenting before I create my own little eco-enemy.

10. THE FIGURE: I've yet to achieve any fitness goals, ever. I think I should look my "best" at one point in my life before I give and and mark my belly with the "baby evidence" forever.

As if these reasons aren't enough, comment below and tell me why you're just saying no to babies... or perhaps why you are saying YES.


vanessa said...

I want to have a baby. someday. not tomorrow. My main reason for not wanting one now is money. My fiance and I are barely scraping by so throwing diapers, formula, baby clothes, etc. onto the shopping list would make us tear our hair out at the very least..

I would also like to have time to enjoy being married first. At least a year of us being selfish and enjoying each others company. Yeah, we've been together almost every day for 4 years, but I think being married feels a little different.

Chrissie said...

i like your point about "enjoying marriage first."

i think a lot of people rush from newlyweds to parents without any extra time to enjoy one another without the responsibilities and distraction of a baby.

i guess it's a matter of starting soon so you're "young parents" or waiting awhile so you can enjoy being "young and married" together.

Stan Alam said...

dingos are known to eat babies.

Jerilyn said...

I could do it. I could have a baby now.
No. I am not married. No, I am not dating anyone - I ended the last relationship two months ago because *I* didn't see a future with that individual.

But, I could still do it now. Why? Because, I have the income necessary to support another life. I have the space. I have the 'nurturing instinct'...hell, I even have the desire to be a mother...
Not only that, I have an ex who has sworn that he would be happy to provide his DNA to mix with my own if I so choose (I stipulated that he would only provide DNA, I don't want/need him to be a part of my life or my child's life. While I would love to welcome a child with a husband one might not happen. If that is the case, I will accept it and move on...and have a child on my own.) some point in the future, that is.

"Not me, not now"...because:

1. I am finally, at the age of 32, discovering who *I* am.
2. I am finally living life on my own terms, not existing as a part of someone else's agenda.
3. I am learning to like, and *gasp*, LOVE ME...for being ME...not for being a part of a couple or a group of friends, or for the job I do.
4. I want to experience this - and ride life's roller-coaster in MY own seat, without having to check to make sure everyone else is securely fastened, throwing up their arms and screaming in glee throughout the ride.

Plus, my two best friends gave birth within six weeks of one another...and I have a baby boy and a baby girl to love, spoil and (most importantly) return to their parents when they're being impossible.

I'll get there. In my own, roundabout way. However, I am committed to taking every bit of enjoyment that I can find in my life as it stands today.