Wednesday, April 23, 2008

A Price to Pay

I've given up my daily Starbucks.
I've said goodbye to my Pier1 hand soap and instead buy safeguard.
I'm in the process of canceling a cable service that doesn't want to break up with me and my lunch is usually found in a brown paper bag, sans cookies.

But in spite of all my attempts at downsizing my spending and expanding my wallet, there is one thing that could really make an impact worth noticing in my savings account...

Splitting that rent check in half.

I could breath a little easier.
I could visit my parents who live an hour away instead of complaining about the gas prices.
I could say Y E S when someone asks me to go out with them for a night of dinner and drinks.

But instead I wait.
I wait for the right time, the right reasons to get another roommate.
Because the next one won't be a chick who needs her own room, it will be someone who can share one with me.

Yet I know that gaining some extra cash comes with its own price.
The price of independence.
The price of space and time and things that are mine in a space that belongs only to me.

And while I believe that money shouldn't play a role in such life changing decisions... unfortunately it still does.

And so. A crossroads.
Right or left.
Alone or together.
Now or later.

Decisions, decisions.

Either way, the road will be bumpy...

Let's just hope there's enough cash to fill up my tank before I make a wrong turn.


Anonymous said...

im about to move in with my boyfriend and believe me im pondering all the pros and cons of such, but it will be so worth it to know i have someone to come home to, to share cooking meals and grocery shopping with, to snuggle up to instead of my cat....all at the price of giving up space in my home, but i know it will be worth it.

vanessa said...

I definitely think everyone in a serious relationship should live together, especially if there's a good chance that you may end up thinking about marriage down the road.

Living with someone is completely different than spending 3 nights a week with them. You see how they are and who they are on a day to day basis. You see all their bad habits, rituals, annoyances, etc.

That'll either make you love them even more, or decide you're just not the right fit.

Either way its better to figure that out sooner than later.

vanessa said...

Living together definitely brings relationships to a different level. Whether it be bf/gf or just friends turning roomies.

Chrissie said...

i've lived my ex boyfriend and my best friend before...

so i know what it means to share everything, responsibility included.

and however nice it is to snuggle and share cooking and learn someone's intricacies, it also is a huge strain on a relationship.

there's nothing wrong with learning you're not compatible with someone, but it's still very hard.

i also REALLY enjoy my space, probably more than most. coming home to an empty apartment isn't something i struggle with... it's something i look forward to daily.

my question is how big of a role should MONEY play in these sorts of decisions? is it the same as getting married for the "health insurance"???

Anonymous said...

the decision to share a place shouldn't hinge on the opportunity to share a rent check.

right or left,
alone or together,
now or later...

if you are unsure which way to go, and the money factor is what pushes you in one direction or the other, then you're forcing it. you're forcing it in a way that it shouldn't be forced.

but so it goes for so many relationships...

they become, forced.

but sometimes that's the only way to get somebody to make a choice-- er, decision.

Chrissie said...

sure, it shouldn't hinge on a rent check... but sometimes it does.

i wonder if anyone has ever researched the comparisons between cities with the higher divorce rates to the cities with the higher rents/cost of living... might be interesting to see the outcome.

but i'll never be one to choose a place to live based on monetary convenience...

when i was looking for a one bedroom apartment, i found quite a few that were cheaper than mine...

lots of them were tiny (even smaller than mine).
lots of them were in bad parts of town.
and lots of them didn't feel right for reasons i couldn't explain.

i think i'll take these things into mind when i find my next apartment and roommate...

price will play a role, but it won't be the deciding factor... it all boils down to how it feels.

sarah said...

one thing to consider...

moving in with him to save money can actually cost you more if things don't work out.

breaking a lease is EXPENSIVE.

depending on the LEGAL agreement, it can be one month rent, plus loss of security. OR it can be however long it takes to rent the place.

or, if you rent a slightly more expensive, better apartment, and he moves out — you're stick with the whole shabang.

For me, that was $930 BUCKAROOs, paid for by borrowed money (with interest), because I was in school.

Some small mistakes (like living with the wrong guy) are paid for
years later...

Chrissie said...

Very true Sarah...

Although, there are some perks to moving in with the wrong guy:

1. Practice without the commitment and the ability to be single again after your first "happily ever after."

2. His stuff: You get to keep it when he leaves you because he's the "jerk" and you are the one who needs the coffee table from his mom.

3. "Experience." You can say all of this stuff, and blog about it without someone saying "Well, trust me I Know.