Monday, April 14, 2008

Rock of Luck

Last night Bret Michaels surprised us all when he chose "brains" over "booty" by saying goodbye to Daisy the stripper and hello to Ambre, the TV host.

After weeks of his open discussions about "physical levels" and "emotional levels" and his inappropriate use of the word "mediocrity" we found our answer to Reality TV Love part 2.

Brett ditched the girl that had hooked up with him "like, 500 times" (as she put it) and chose the chick who held out until a romantic night in Cancun, on an outdoor bed, that Bret would use the following evening for his other girlfriend.

But in spite of all the trash, and the bad highlight jobs, and the caked on orange compact for all involved, one part of last night's episode stuck out for me.

It wasn't the phony drama or the surprising way each woman looked sans make up...

It was Bret's excuse for dissing Daisy.

He mentioned their "physical connection" yet again, but he also pointed out that he was afraid she might "Need him more than actually love him."

And after an hour and a half of trying to figure out who he would choose, my friend and I were shocked at his choice, but more so his reasons.

We had thought he would choose Daisy for the very reason he dropped her.

Because she needed him.
She needed a knight in shining armor to rescue her from her prison in her EX BOYFRIEND'S apartment and into the arms of rock and roll luxury.

We both thought, that Bret would surely find this sexy and innocent and sweet. A woman to take care of. A woman who wouldn't leave, because he was all she had.

And for a brief moment, I liked Bret Michaels.
I liked that he wanted someone independent and smart and strong and his own age.
I liked that he wanted someone who wanted him and could fend for herself.

I liked that he proved my expectations for his behavior WRONG... by ditching Daisy and choosing Ambre.

But suddenly I was zapped back to reality(tv) and had to wonder.

What the hell is someone smart, independent, attractive, and successful doing dating BRET MICHAELS?

In the end, maybe he needs her (and her TV HOSTING job) more than she needs him.


Anonymous said...

here's my cynical opinion of this:

daisy is fake. she's a total liar. she doesn't "need" bret, nor does she really even "like" him. he's a star; she's a star-f'er. bret stopped trusting her after he found out she was still living with her ex (and rightly so... no sex with her ex in "over a year"?? right.) he brought her to the end, singing her praises the entire way, all for the shock value when he dropped her (not that i was shocked... i predicted it. i swear i did :).

he chose ambre because she was the most intelligent girl there, and also because he almost booted her in the first week, so it looks like he really is a guy who takes time to connect on a "deeper level" with these girls, not a guy who prunes the not-so-hotties from the hotties until he has just one boob-implanted, lip-stuffed, eyebrow tweaked freakshow of a stripper remaining.

and i lost all my faith in bret being even a semi-cool guy and not just an egotistical maniac when he dismissed the only girl who actually said something honest to him: the brunette he eliminated just before the last episode (destiny, i think), who admitted that after only 2 weeks of knowing bret, she couldn't possibly be "in love" with him.

i think i fell in love with THAT girl the instant she said that. pure refreshing honesty in the midst of a whole lot of empty meaningless posturing. i thought for sure he couldn't possibly eliminate her now. she's the first girl to say anything even remotely close to genuine.

but what did bret do? i think he said something like, "i have two girls here who say they are in love with me, and one girl who isn't sure..." and then he booted the "isn't sure" girl. what an ego on that man.

i realized then just how out of touch i am with washed up 80's hair-band rockstars.

Chrissie said...

i hated destiny until that very moment, the second she said "its only been 2 weeks, i need a little bit longer," she saved face with the outside world.

the girls that cry and beg and promise to "love again" after barely knowing him for 48 hours are the ones who are discrediting themselves...

i'd like to see what happens in their next relationships, when they try to date a real guy under normal circumstances, and they claim to love after such a short time.

a real, smart guy would run in the other direction.

but not bret michaels, he sent destiny away, like you said, and went for the two girls who really, truly loved him after 2 weeks:P

in other bret-related-news, what is the deal with his hair? he had some this season... what's the deal with that?

Anonymous said...

apparently he reveals the front of his head for exactly one scene per season.

and i couldn't tell if he had more hair, or if the hair he had was just thickened up and matted down with pomade or something like that.

i guess it looked better than his thin frizzied bedtime in-pajamas look from last season.

but i wanna know what the deal was with kristy jo, the two face. that girl was SCARY without her makeup. i didn't realize that simply removing a few pounds of makeup can transform a girl from looking like a hottie to looking like a burn victim. it must have been the eyebrows. she clearly plucked way too much, and now i guess they just don't grow back anymore (i can't explain why somebody would actually WANT to look like that). everytime i saw her without her makeup i gasped. and cringed. but i couldn't turn away. it was like watching a train wreck. i would just point and say, "oh my GOD, did you SEE that!?"

Chrissie said...

hahahahahahaha~ i had the EXACT same reaction to Kristy Joe, she was the "pretty" one with make up on, and even though it was pounds and pounds of the stuff... without it, she was like a monster. and what i couldn't understand was how frequently bret got to see her like that, one second, all glamorous and the next... horrific! but he didn't seem to notice...

although, i'd argue that he's used to dating women who not only remove their mascara, but also their eyebrows in the morning.

Stan Alam said...

Guns and roses are better than Motley crue. Where is Axel rose?

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