Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Spring cleaning

A quick look in my closet and you'll find all sorts of things that should have been thrown out long ago.

Flip flops that cost 2 dollars and no longer fit.
A box full of bank statements from when I was still in high school.
And don't forget the skinny pants of yesteryear... that fit when I was an adolescent and don't have a chance against my twenty-something hips.

But all of these things seem unimportant when you consider the other stuff in my closet.

You know... the downsized "EX" bins filled with old photos I could never seem to get rid of.

Yet, as the warmer air fills my solely-rented apartment, and I spend more time with a man who seems to fit perfectly inside... I think it's time for some serious spring cleaning.

Until now, I 've never wanted to empty that "1st Boyfriend Bin" before. I've never actually considered throwing away photographs of anyone, ex boyfriend or otherwise... but suddenly I want to start fresh in a way that's as new to me as this warm day feels after such a long, cold, winter.

I want to look into my closet and see the clothes I will wear again.
I want to find the flip flops that fit me and to say goodbye to a skinny I know I'll never feel again no matter how hard I wanted those jeans to fit.

I want to feel cleansed this spring.
To experience a fever founded in newness, not one tucked away in past passions.

And while I'm sure I'll keep all those old bank statements just in case...

Just imagine what I can do with all that new room I can make in there... for him.

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