Thursday, April 10, 2008

Would you like your love for here or to go?

Hot and bothered.

That was my mood when C. and I took our first trip together. I made the colossal blunder of organizing a group to go away with us. They'd never been beach camping in Maryland whereas I had been many times before. Naturally, they had lots of questions, and naturally, they elected me as "Trip Buddha." Eventually tho, their questions — what do I bring, where do I go, what time should I get there — weighed on me like a elephant sitting on an ant.

By the third day, when we were deciding where to eat dinner, my psychotic, hormonal side took control. I didn't want to be Trip Buddha anymore, so I clammed shut, while sinking to an all time low. Everyone else just stared awkwardly at their hands.

Little did I realize at that time, that I was being scrutinized... AND I had just about FLUNKED the new relationship "first trip" test.

I couldn't believe I had lost sight of the importance of Love On-the-Go! It was a 2002 Caribbean cruise that fatally ended my relationship with A. — a sweet, but goofy, HVAC mechanic with a Ducati motorcycle. Our differences were as evident as our cruise cabin was bite-sized. While I took in some sun on the ship's deck, my man searched the boat for an appropriate (and "shady") place to burn up his own fun. We hardly saw each other, which was GREAT. In fact, I was going around to all the single women, trying to pawn him for a fruity beverage.

Why does the new pair bruise so easily
during the first trip? Why does travel
bring out our worst qualities?

Here's my thoughts:
Close quarters.
The lack of alone time.
The stress of unfamiliarity.
Inability to hide your recreational drug use :-)

(see Chrissie's post for some first trip advice)

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