Thursday, May 15, 2008

Bulging issues

As if a woman didn't have enough to worry about on her wedding day, now there is a show that allows them to obsess about their weight in ways a normal woman never should.

Bulging Brides follows foolish women who bought their dresses too sizes too small in the weeks before their wedding on a diet bridal boot camp of sorts.

But what is wrong with these women? And if their obsessions are normal, then why isn't it an hour show dedicated to the bride AND the groom? Where are all the chubby men who foolishly rented their suits the same size as they did for prom?

Oh, that's right.

There's nothing wrong with a fat groom!

He's allowed to eat her portion of the catering samples and cakes. He's allowed to spend the day before the wedding getting drunk with his buddies on full calorie beers, while she sips cautiously at her Bacardi and Diet Coke cancer cocktail. He's allowed to enjoy his big day... comfortably taking it all in, while she hyperventilates in a corset bound too tight for a toddler.

But with an entire industry dedicated to convincing women what they should want and how they should look on their big day... Some women are blinded by desires and can't seem to understand the meaning behind it all.

It's not a day to be a perfect little princess.

It's a day to celebrate the love you share with your chubby husband...
You know, the one who loves your bulging booty enough to marry you.

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Anonymous said...

hence Vera Wangs new line of wedding mu mus