Friday, May 16, 2008

Sexless in the city

True sexual freedom, like all freedom, can exist only when the dignity of the human person is recognized. There is no dignity in a society that encourages touching another person’s body but not allowing that person to touch your heart.

Her book is called The Thrill of the Chaste and her name is Dawn Eden.

She's calling all Carrie Bradshaw wannabes to the table and asking them to throw out their little black books in exchange for a big ol' bible.

And while the title intrigued me... the surface of such a topic seemed like one I'd touched upon before. It was a topic worthy of conversation, but one in which I assumed my mind was made up.

Could chastity, really be the only path to finding love?

I pondered it... and I opened my eyes and my mind to the possibility.

Well, at least until I read another interview with this lady and she had THIS to say:

"The real Sex and the City is vomitizing, so I think boring would be an improvement. Mad TV’s Sluts and the City parody was right on the money — “four smart single women in charge of their own lives,” indeed!"

Why is it that advocating chastity and love rather than sex, has to come with a side of judgment and ridicule?

Perhaps it wasn't Eden's former life as a "rock writer" practicing her own sex and the city lifestyle that kept her single, unhappy, or unmarried.

Maybe... JUST maybe... it was her judgmental attitude and feelings of superiority in a world where one decision doesn't always work for everyone.


Chrissie said...

there's something to be said for the downfalls of sex without love... but can't there also a downside to love without sex?

Chrissie said...

our friend eden (could that really be her last name?) also seems to have a little problem with our friend EVE, as in Ensler.

Check it out Here. .

Anna Broadway said...

When people recognize a problem with sex without love, part of what they’re getting at is the fragmentation of self involved: separating our physical from our emotional, financial, intellectual selves — what have-you. I agree with you that isolating the emotional instead of the physical can be equally problematic, but I know that’s not what I’m striving for (I literally am Sexless in the City), and I don’t think it is what Dawn is either. Rather, we’re just waiting for the situation where we can give our whole selves to another person. We don’t want to give less, we want to give more.

And ultimately, as risque as certain episodes of Sex and the City may have been, I’m fairly sure that’s what most if not all of the ladies on that show really wanted. I guess we’ll just have to wait for the movie to really find out. ;)