Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Skip the appetizer

“Relationships, like anything else, involve timing. If you’re cooking something, you watch to see when it bubbles and take it off the stove at just the right time. If you wait too long, the pot boils over and the consistency is forever changed. That makes the difference.”

I can't remember where I found the above quote, but I remember that I liked it immediately.

It reminded me of all those girls who wait forever for "the one" to pop the question so they can truly begin their fairytale. The girls, who aren't getting what they want from relationships, but choose to stay in them anyway.

The girls that live in sin, awaiting a ring that may never come.

And while their temperature rises, their patience wanes...
Pots over filled with expectation, they simply go with the motions, heating up for no reason. Expecting to reach the perfect relationship temperature to compliment their recipe for romance.

But what they don't see is that all the expectation and desire in the world isn't enough to create a meal worth eating... a life worth sharing. Because they're not the woman of his dreams, they are the appetizer to his entree, the tapas to his growling stomach.

So while they boil over in a mess of hot tears... their men are waiting patiently on the back burner.

Expecting something better will suit their palates.


Chrissie said...

is no action, action when it comes to romance?

i think the important part of this quote is the part that states, the consistency is forever changed if you wait too long...

vanessa said...

You could also say that those that are so eager to get to their tasty treat sometimes act too soon. They're then left dissapointed by the results because it wasn't left to cook long enough.

If you're both enjoying the ride on romance lane, does any action really need to be taken?

Chrissie said...

no, if both people are enjoying the the ride then no, no action is necessary.

but i was talking about the people who are at different levels... where one is enjoying themselves and the other is waiting and wanting for more.

there is definitely something to be said for those who act too soon as well... but sometimes i wonder if it's worse to waste your time rather than to rush it.

vanessa said...

Well I suppose when you're at different levels, you definitely need to talk about it, and perhaps why you're each at the level you are.

If one wants to get married, and the other shows no sign of giving up their bachelor/bachelorette ways, then you may need to consider whether or not they're worth the time to wait for something that may never come.

Do you want to get married to THIS person, or do you just want to get married and that person is there?

AND would you still be happy if you lived the rest of your life with this person, but were never married?

I suppose you weigh the pros and cons, and make the decision that would make you happiest.

jovial_cynic said...

The girls that live in sin, awaiting a ring that may never come.

Out of curiosity, is this statement rooted in a religious belief system?

Chrissie said...

JC... the comment is rooted in religious beliefs, but not mine.

for me, the only "sin" involved with living with someone before marriage is that have to put up with all the bad stuff without cashing in on the good stuff:)

jovial_cynic said...

Ok. Just curious.