Friday, June 20, 2008


I can't remember the last time I did my hair before going out.

My Friday nights as a single chick involved an hour of primping, pre-gaming with friends, and a trip to the local hot spot for some flirtation and fun.

Now, my Friday nights consist of an hour of primping for the eyes of one man only. No one gets to see my "glamorous" look, and it's usually replaced by a sweatshirt and a pair of his boxers within an hour or so after dinner.

Where I once searched the city with my sexy friends looking for a karaoke bar, now I belt out the lyrics to my old 80s favorites in the comfort of his own living room (courtesy of the American Idol game).

I put my tousled locks up in a pony tail rather than smoothing my bangs in the bar's filthy bathroom mirror.

And I eat chips and dip with abandon (as long as he does too) unconcerned with the possible indigestion that may result from too much salsa... because I know I'll be getting a kiss goodnight no matter what.

So while my "sexy look" goes unnoticed by some, and it only lasts an hour or two rather than well into sunrise on Saturday morning...

I've never felt happier.
I've never felt more at home on a Friday night.

And regardless of my midnight ponytail and oversize hoodie...
I've never felt so glamorous.

1 comment:

Chrissie said...

How do YOUR single nights differ from your taken ones???

I can't be the only girl who has replaced her sexy clothes with his sweatshirts...