Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Rent without the ring

A quick glance into the web-world this morning brought me to the following question that a woman just had to ask...

I'll toss aside my assumption that a woman who has to ask the ether-world this question rather than her man might be up for a disappointment and instead focus on the hauntingly honest answer she received from two other men.

THE JOCK said: Nope. More often than not, it just means you have cleaner sheets and a fuller fridge than me. Guys are pretty simple.

THE PLAYER said: No way, baby. Have you ever heard the expression, "Why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free"? And moving in might even be a deterrent to marriage: once we're living with you, we have no incentive to go buy a ring!

I'll agree.
Guys are pretty simple.

But are they really willing to give up their bachelorhood freedoms for a full fridge and some bleached cottons?

I myself have been in the "we share rent sans a ring" situation and while there was plenty of dairy in that full fridge of ours, I don't think it was the cohabitation that led to our demise.

But, maybe I'm wrong... the past only continually proves me unenlightened.

If it doesn't bring a ring any sooner than it brings the end...
Then what does living together mean?

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