Tuesday, July 8, 2008

The 7 Day Itch

All of the snuggling, fancy dinners, or long walks on the beach can't cure the itch of needing to see your girlfriends... and that itch usually is in need of a good scratch every, single, Friday night around 10 p.m.

Where I once started my evening at that time, showering, shaving, spritzing and wine drinking, I now usually begin my weekend wind-down as the clock strikes 10.

Instead of wearing my slimmest jeans and tiniest top, I'm wearing a huge sweatshirt and equally unflattering sweatpants. Instead of a meal of wings and spinach dip, I'm full on a four-course.

And while sometimes, it's nice.
Other times, the itch is relentless. Like one found in the very center of your back, the spot neither of your arms can reach. The spot that makes, everything uncomfortable, sitting, standing, sleeping, all of it.

And so I sit. And wiggle. Wishing it were gone. Asking for a back scratch, but still feeling dissatisfied.

Looking for relief, I check my cell for missed calls...

But I realize the only things missing, are my friends.

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