Wednesday, July 16, 2008

I'm a big kid, now

"Don't you think we're a little too old for that?" I asked my friend, after hearing another friend of ours detail a sexual adventure.

"Too old for what?" she asked.

Too old for giving way too much information regarding a sexual encounter.
Too old for sharing in their "passions" as we did after a adolescent game of spin the bottle.
Too old for explaining away life's most intimate moments.

But mid-argument we realized what we really needed to consider was...

What exactly does it mean to be an "adult?"

As someone who has supported herself financially for years, who lives alone, and has paid her own car insurance since she got her first 600 dollar Honda in 1998... I don't think "being an adult" is about financial freedom.

I came to realize, that for me, being an "adult" is about understanding that the world involves more than just you.

It means sharing information that others will enjoy rather than describing the latest version of "Chapter Me."
It means being a part of a conversation rather than an attention getter.
It means keeping those oh-so-intimate things to yourself because you respect the person you're with.

Perhaps that is too simple of an answer... but the definition of "Adult" eludes a lot of us as we near the big 3-0.

It's either a time we can't wait to reach or one we avoid at all costs.
It's either a word that means freedom or one that means an end of fun.

But if it's not about money or love or being more aware of our privacy...
Then what does "ADULT" mean for you?


princess pojo said...

I often wonder if I am an adult, too.

Age. Career. Money. Spouse. Kids. Car. House. Voting in An Election. Jury Duty. Sudden Belly Fat. Hangovers. Guilt. Decreased libido. Receding hairline. New pains — physical and emotional. A Money Market Account. Cancer scare. Death.
My 40th birthday.

When? Will? I? Feel? Like? An? Adult?

Chrissie said...

Ahhh pojo princess... my list is getting there as well.

You also know you're all grown up when you can no longer discuss music with your nieces and nephews, wear sleeveless shirts, and find yourself watching the oxygen channel late at night rather than MTV:)