Monday, July 28, 2008

We broke up


Cablevision and I said our goodbyes last night, after a few months of begging for them to cut my service. I pleaded countless times for them to let me go, but they always kept me strung along, promising extras and well... threatening me. "What if you're in trouble... and your cell phone is dead. If you cut your service, you won't have a phone at home to call for help."

But in spite of my fear of mashers, my 3-fer plan expired this month and I wasn't willing to shell out 150 bucks a month to watch old episodes of "Snapped" on the Oxygen channel.

Upon disconnect, my mind was immediately swirling with all the possible things I could buy with an extra 100 bucks a month. I could maybe get my hair done professionally again! A manicure and a pedicure! Or even... PAPER TOWELS when I go shopping!

Much like a drawn out real-life relationship break up, I had those immediate feelings of relief.

It was finally over, we, were over... but as quickly as the relief flooded me, sadness took its place.

No more late nights together, with wine or ice cream. No more giggles over trashy reality TV, no more movies on demand that no real man would want to watch with me...

For all the bad my cable plan had brought me, (bills, late fees, 10 lbs of weight gain) it had also been my un-boyfriend in times of single solitude where friends were busy and evenings ran late.

The realization that we were really over came full force last night when I ran home after work in my usual flurry, excited that I would be home and well, simply not at work.

Yet, honestly, it just wasn't the same minus cable.

But after a few minutes, I realized that while "sameness" was safe, it was not the only answer.

I threw in my favorite disc from Sex and the City and puttered around my apartment, actually getting things finished rather than vegging out. I packed for a trip, I cleaned, I READ, I didn't snack on a single thing, and I realized in spite of my occasional bouts of boredom and nostalgia...

Some break ups are for the best.

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