Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Warning. Blogging may punch you in the groin when you're already down for the count. Kapow!

But quiting the blogsphere can also leave you pregnant with regret (I miss you guys!)

Still, I had some fright awhile back when I was still blogging here, for The Odd Couple, that I still shudder thinking about. Something I wrote. Something I thought was harmless but made me realize, so much of what I had written wasn't. At least to people I cared about.

At that point, I wanted to delete everything I had ever written on the Web. I wanted my invisibility back. I suddenly hated MySpace, Blogspot and Google.

If I was a friend, a daughter and a girlfriend, the blog turned me into an invader, a spy, a bigmouth tattletale. The blog's disclaimers - "This blog is hazardous to the health of people suffering from HIDs or Humor Impairment Disorder" and "This POST isn't about you" - turned into a pitbull and latched onto my throat.

My identity IS VERY attached to this blog about twentysomething life. And consider that some of the blog audience wants juicy details. "You're like the real 'Sex and the City' girl," I heard more than once. But some of the blog audience is made up of my mom, my boss and my future in-laws. YIKES. I'm a reporter, earning respect by acting professional, while blogging about my after-hours. That's putting peanut butter and mustard in the same sandwich.

And so, I've snatched my life back from the Internet. Well sortof. I'm blogging, but in a way that can do no harm, as the moderator for the Journal's new wedding planning blog. You see, since sadly leaving the odd couple, this POJO princess got engaged! And, while I miss my blog partner Chrissie, I truly believe it's only a matter of time before she's blogging wedding stuff @ The Vow Factor.

Before I go, I'd just like to say simply:

Thank you. Thank you for making The Odd Couple a success and please continue to follow Chrissie as she bravely tells you her relationship tales. I know I still do!


Anonymous said...

it seems like this blog was a place for you to vent honesty... a place for you to unload your peeves and grief in an alliterative, metaphoric, wax-poetic sort of way.

but then the wrong person reads it, and boom! a gut punch. and you're down for the count.

being honest, left you dizzy, sucking for air, and, dare i say, ashamed (maybe?).

just for being honest. (ok.. in a frank, running-your-mouth-off kinda way... but still, honest).

it makes you wonder what life would be like if we were truly honest with each other. if we said what we felt and meant what we said. if we weren't concerned about how other people might interpret it, or how they might be offended, or how they might perceive us afterward.

if we were flat honest... always... no matter who was listening.

i wonder what that would be like.

i wonder if any self-preserving, self-aware person could take it.

i think only crazy people would know. or people we would consider "egotistical".

well anyway, goodbye sarah. enjoy the wedding, and the safe blogging territory;)

Chrissie said...

i've often wondered what would happen if we were totally honest... all the time.

but i've seen "honesty" hurt many people, and i think there is sometimes a reason to keep our opinions to ourselves, if not for the sole reason that emotions are fleeting, but text illustrating such thoughts in the timeless world wide web, is not.

when one minute we're angry and frustrated, the next we've forgiven and what once seemed so awful, doesn't look so terrible after all.

i think blogging about personal relationships is similar to arguing... we sometimes say things in the heat of an argument, and when the dust settles we only wish we could take them away.

that honesty... in that moment... isn't "the truth" forever, it's a fleeting emotion.

i think we should ask ourselves if it's really necessary to be honest "all the time" when in reality... our time changes from day to day, minute to minute.

sarah said...

I think my best writing comes when i am venting about something painful, sad or down right annoying. so yes, i was doing a lot of honest venting, and yes, it got me into trouble at times, and yes i do wonder if being honest all the time is right or wrong. i consider myself brutally honest. i used to think that was a quality to be proud of. lately, it's gotten me into trouble. then i think, do i want you to be brutally honest with me? if you hate the blog, do i need to know? if you hated my blog persona, should you tell me.

nah, i'd rather not.