Monday, August 4, 2008


I burst into the bathroom, holding my left ring finger in my right hand, ready to re-surprise myself with the lustrous ring.

Hmm. That's funny, I thought. I'm wearing a little leather case over my engagement ring.

So I pulled off the tiny casing and stared at my ring in amazement.

Amazed that it was so tacky.

The rock itself was a cubic inch of sparkles.
And the setting, was just plain terrible.

Where most modern brides are wearing a princess cut with two baguettes to accentuate it, my dazzling stone was set in a silver, animal-shaped holder.

Hmmm I thought. That's kind of cute... it appeared to be a tiny elephant, complete with trunk and tail, but instead of a ivory treasure, mine held the most precious of love-stones.

But cuteness aside, it suddenly seemed like he didn't know me at all.

Sure, I like tiny animals, but as pets, not as jewelry.

And so I wrapped my ring in its leather case (the purpose of which was now perfectly clear) and went to figure out my next move.

Because the proof that we weren't entirely compatible was symbolized on my forever-finger.

And now my ring, wasn't the only elephant in the room.


Chrissie said...

Disclaimer: This post was based on a dream I had last night.

But I thought it brought up an interesting question...

Does "the ring" symbolize how well he knows you? And what happens if he surprises you with something you absolutely hate?

Engaged said...

I once got a gift that wasn't me at all, but I loved to wear it anyway because I thought of him.

I don't think what the look like really matters. But when he does get it absolutely perfect, especially when it's the engagement ring, it's BONUS.

Yuki said...

Oh, I was going to worry about the poor guy's feelings. And wonder about that leather case.

The ring is supposed to symbolize love...but you've got a good point. Can you really love someone you don't know? And if you hate it, does it matter?

I can't wear rings. They're in the way when I try to do my usual artwork/typing/sculpting, and they fall off, and get lost, and generally are unloved. So what he'll do when he proposes, I don't know - get me a ring and a necklace to put it on, I guess.

I guess you make the best of it. Sometimes the person who's right for you, who can endure your quirks and love you anyway, will make a mistake. Here's to imperfection.

Anonymous said...

buy your own ring. make him pay for it. if you really want to wear it forever, you should really love it. forget tradition, it's silly.