Monday, August 25, 2008

Goodbye Girl

"Being in a relationship" is extra special when you take the time to remember what it was like to be single every once in awhile.

I've noticed that the longer I go without girl talk and happy hour, shopping trips or coffee with friends, the more I glorify my single-girl-solitude.

I begin to think that I miss that old life, that old me, so much that I might need go back to the way things were...
And so I make plans with friends and visit places I used to.

But instead of having a fabulous time, I struggle for conversation where it once flowed naturally.
I begin to awkwardly bob my head from left to right rather than accept the hello kisses from almost-strangers in the casual way I used to.

And immediately, I miss him.

But instead of becoming angry at myself for being "less fun" than I used to be, I consider all I've gained.

And I realize that losing who you were, might not be so bad... If you've become someone better.

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