Monday, September 8, 2008

Atheist commitment-phobic woman performing a marriage ceremony

Atheist commitment-phobic woman performing a marriage ceremony?

There are so many things wrong with this situation. Why would I, a godless, hopelessly UNromantic woman get ordained to perform a marriage ceremony? As far as I can tell, marriage is like opening a restaurant – if you make it through the first year, consider it a success. And as for religion – the only proof I can find of the famous “All Mighty” is watching an Italian men’s soccer game.

So why go through with it?

Because one of my closest friends asked me to.

The couple is not religious. After attending another wedding where a friend officiated they decided to do the same.

Why did they ask me? I don’t know. It’s like playing Russian roulette with your wedding.

The best part is the ordination process. You go to a website. Fill in your name. Then your address. Hit enter. Done.


Anyone can be a reverend. My cat can get ordained and give the field mice their last rights before he eats them.

However – before you think I’m not taking this seriously, know this: The couple has been together for about a decade. They know each other inside and out, have weathered the hard times and relished the good. This is a union I believe in whole-heartedly. It really is an honor… and hopefully they’ll believe that when I show up in a clown suit.


Chrissie said...

THIS is the very thing I LOVE about non-traditional weddings! Playing by the "rules" isn't necessary to have a meaningful day.

Although I had no idea being a reverend was as easy as signing up for freebies via the web...

Sten said...

I didn't think it would be that easy either.

The wedding is going to be in a park. The reception invite says "Food, dancing and lawn games to follow."
It won't be easy for the bride to play frisbe in a wedding gown, but I can't wait to see her try.

JRN said...


They really will let anyone be a minister these days, won't they?

Sten said...

It would appear so. But look at it this way – now people can be sure that the one performing the ceremony knows and cares about the couple. I was at my cousin's wedding last month and the priest couldn't remember the grooms name. That was awkward.

Shannon said...

How the heck did I miss this post? More than 9 months later, I wouldn't pick anyone else to marry us :-)