Friday, September 26, 2008

Changing life... styles

After MONTHS of agonizing over my too-long locks and too afraid to have someone new cut them, I've taken to styling my hair in what I can sum up in a few not-so-fabulous adjectives.

Like, "Frumpy" or "Hippie" or "Dull."

My hair hasn't seen the sharper side of a pair of scissors since February and it's apparent to all to look.

I've essentially had the same hairstyle since 4th grade. And I can't help but feel that long, flowing hair exudes femininity in a way my crass sense of humor sometimes undermines.

While I'm not a fan of change, I've gone SO long with the TOO long hair that I'm tempted to chop it all off.

But would I recognize my new me?

I've been taught that long hair is beautiful. That women who can't pull it off are envious and that in all honesty... Men prefer it.

But is any of this true?

A haircut for me isn't a decision to take lightly. I almost donated 10 inches of hair when my last boyfriend dumped me because I wanted to look in the mirror and no longer see the girl he hurt.

I went for 4 inches instead, and found a me worth looking at... but it's been so long since I've seen that girl that I'm afraid I may never recognize her again.

No matter how long, my hair.


Chrissie said...

what does YOUR hair say about you? and is there any truth to the idea that "men prefer long hair" ???

Sten said...

Oh Chrissie, I can relate to this one. I went blonde after a boyfriend of two years dumped me. I think it is a way we physically express an emotional fresh start.

I don't know about guys, but personally I like a clean cut man that still has something to run my fingers through.

jake said...

Yes, men prefer long hair. Obviously a generalization, but it's true. I'm not sure why. Maybe it summons our childhood education that "girls have long hair and like pink; boys have short hair and wear blue". There's also a tactile attraction with long soft flowing hair that pours through your fingers like water.

I personally have gone back and forth on the subject. I had a short hair fetish back in the late 80's centering on M.S. Masterson in "some kind of wonderful".

Yuki said...

I don't really know. I guess there has to be some truth in that statement, considering the majority of females I see have long hair, but honestly? Some of the prettiest girls I've seen have it cut short. I guess it's just what you do to it, long or short.

I do like my man with longer hair, though. I'm not for the buzzed look and there's a very fine line between too-short and geeky and perfect (which gets crossed every time my boyfriend gets his hair cut).

I guess mine says that I don't really care what happens to it, as long as it works for me. I do take good care of it, but when I know I'll need it long, I let it grow, and when I need it short, well, out come the shears. Next year, I'm thinking really short, spiky, white hair. Something completely opposite to what I've done all my life.

Just for the hell of it.