Thursday, September 25, 2008

Clipper happy

Some people would avoid going to the dentist at any cost. Some dread a flu shot, or have nightmares about their next colonoscopy. But me? I dread the hairdresser and their scissors of destruction.

It pretty much takes me a year to grow three inches of hair. I unwittingly said goodbye to five yesterday when I went for a "trim."

"The ends are dead? Fine, go up to two inches if it really needs it." I said, trying to be reasonable.

Before I could pat myself on the back, I watched aghast as the poor, innocent, chestnut locks fell to the floor like little angels. It was like going to get your nails clipped and losing an arm.

Why the fuss? It takes a long time to grow out curly hair. It just spirals up ... taunting me and defying gravity. But more importantly, your hair is a vehicle for expression ... when it looks right you feel beautiful and put together. When it's a mess you feel like an unkempt ragamuffin. My curly mane gave me an added sense of identity. Once the ballsy woman with the wild hair, I am now looking into being a professional Raggedy Ann impersonator.


Chuckles said...


Some people dream about becoming a professional Raggedy Ann impersonator!

I know what you mean about the curls, if I don't keep my hair a certain length there isn't enough weight to pull it down from a giant afro.

Yuki said...

Aww. I'm sorry.

At least you have an excuse for the fear of haircuts. My boyfriend - straight, soft brown hair in a surfer-esque cut - refuses to even when it takes over his eyes.

I remember the haircut of my life, though - I had a long mane of straight black hair (being Asian and all, this is normal) that, unfortunately, was not bearing with the humidity of seaside China very well. You know how some people's hair poofs? Mine turned wooly.

So my mother took me to get it cut. The entire floor was awash in black, no lie. I escaped with a razor-cut, not quite shoulder-length 'do.

Never again will I let someone else cut my hair. Maybe you can learn to trim it yourself?

Sten said...

Hey thanks Yuki, after reading your comment I trimmed a layer in the front and like the shape much better now.

Chrissie said...

i like your new hair! but unfortunately now that you've put the "raggedy ann" image in my head, i'm having a little trouble taking you seriously;)

(i applaud you for your self-cutting efforts though, i've never had the courage to do that)!

D. said...

Your avatars make me happy. Remember that when I'm retching at the sight of your nauseous new do. ;P

Sten said...

Great ... maybe I'll just wear a hat.