Tuesday, September 2, 2008

"He looks like he lost weight!"

Most of my friends don't understand my taste in men, and sometimes neither do I. I recently had an ex accuse me of liking "Old, fat men." Which isn't true.

(Well, not entirely).

So we like who we like, for our own reasons and that's that. But for all of you who secretly find those non-traditional types to be the most attractive...

Here's my Top 3 Ugly Yet Sexy famous men

1. James Gandolfini
As Tony Soprano, he's mean. He's powerful. He's complicated. (And on top of that, he's also Old/Fat too;)

2. Liam and Noel Gallagher
(It's a tie) They're snotty and egotistical. But that can be oh-so-sexy when paired with an accent.

3. James Spader
He was one of my first celeb-crushes, but I think my infatuation has continued into adulthood. (Although, a recent google-image-search shows him to be (gasp!) old and fat! SCORE)!!!

It's Tuesday.
We had a long weekend.
Amuse me with your own ugly/sexy lists in the comments section and don't fault me for this superficial post.

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Sten said...

I will always have a thing for Gary Oldman ... He isn't overweight, but many people don't understand.