Monday, September 22, 2008

It all started with an eye patch.

Friday night I went to a little party celebrating “Talk Like a Pirate Day.” I am not kidding. When leaving there to meet up with Chuckles and D. at my favorite bar, I decided it might be fun to wear an eye patch all night and see how people would react.

And react they did.

I’ve never had more people stare and point or just come up to me and start a conversation. “What happened to your eye?”
“Oh, horrible accident with a rogue pigeon while I was skydiving. You should have seen the pigeon. Terrible. I can still hear the cooing in my eye socket.”

Which is of course when they would walk away.

Some people were privy to the Pirate Day celebration and would just say “AAARRRGHGH!” To which I would reply “AARRRRGGGHH!”

Then this one guy asked one of my friends “Why’s that girl wearing an eye patch?” And the friend called me over “Hey, Sten, this guy wants to know why you’re wearing that stupid eye patch.” We got to talking and it turns out he was one of the stage actors performing a play at Vassar this weekend.

Now, he HAD looked strangely familiar to me … probably because I spent two hours looking at photos of him and the other actors when designing the Life section cover for the Journal earlier that week. That is a reason I love this area … so many talented artists live here, or even just pass through. I’ll be laying out a story during the day then see the person out and about on the weekend.

So we spent the rest of the evening talking about arts, traveling, politics and just plain joking around with some English Shakespearean actors … it was random but fantastic. Sometimes it’s really great to meet new people. They offer up a whole new dynamic and completely revitalize a normal night out with your friends.

And it all just started with me putting on a ridiculous eye patch.

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