Friday, September 5, 2008


My mom has never had only herself to worry about.

She went from adolescent to married mom by the time she was 21. During her teen years she had her parents to answer to, and soon thereafter, she found herself answering to her own children and husband.

She never knew what it was like to get in the car, destination unknown, and not let anyone know of her plan, or lack their of.
She never knew what it was like to get a paycheck and spend it solely on things she wanted. Instead it always went to groceries or clothing for my sister and I.

She never got to be selfish, only selfless.

And while she is a terrific mother and always has been... I wonder when it will be her turn.

Her turn to live for herself. Her desires. Her passion.

But just when it looks as though she might finally have a moment, the reality that a family is a lifelong commitment sets in. It's hers. And it's forever.

So while I consider all she's done for me, I also have learned something she may not be aware of.

I've learned to embrace my individuality. My freedom. My selfishness.

Because it's a lesson only a mother like her, could teach me.

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