Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Rock Band addiction

I host a poker night at my apartment every other Monday. At least it used to be a poker party ... now it's turning into Rock Band night.

If you're not familiar with Rock Band, it's a four-player video game where you can be a lead singer, guitarist, bassist or drummer. You actually "play" on a set of drum pads or a guitar controller.

Let me tell you – it just might be the greatest thing ever created for a game system. Who would have thought back when we were playing Frogger on the Atari that you would one day be able to bang on a drum set controller. Not even the Nintendo Power Glove could have prepared us for this.

Seriously, all I want to do is play the drums.

And, yes, yes – I know it isn't the same as "real drums." My friend D. (who is not a Rock Band fan, and is therefore missing out) has said more than once that it is silly to sit and play fake instruments as if you're actually performing something. Why not just go buy a guitar or drum set?

Because real drums are expensive and loud. You don't have the little notes flying on the screen to say when to play, or a scoring system to tell you how awesome (or not) you're doing. You can't even "save" a band mate when you're playing real instruments.

My father asked me the other day if I'd met anyone special lately. I said "No, but I'm half way through the 'hard' setting on drums for Rock Band." It wasn't really the response he was looking for, but I like to think he was still proud.


Chrissie said...

i don't care if they're real drums or not, being able to play that game on "hard" is quite the accomplishment.

i'm a fan of american idol for the wii, it's karaoke without the crowded bar, singing without the shame;)

Yuki said...

I am definitely looking forward to Christmas, when I can beg my parents for the game. And a Wii. It couldn't possibly be too hard - I'm about medium/hard on Guitar Hero and standard on DDR.