Friday, September 12, 2008


Once we have the luxury of living alone and being single, the world is our oyster and privacy is a daily luxury we may or may not take for granted.

And with this luxury, we may find ourselves taking part in behaviors that aren't any too flattering... But they're secret so it shouldn't matter.

At least until we decide to live with someone else.

Whether it's just a roommate or a real-mate, there are certain activities that we can only take part in solo, and these things I will miss when I no longer find myself "single and fabulous" with a fabulous bachelorette pad.

Things like...

I like buying an entire box of Oreos and eating them until I don't want to eat them anymore, then throwing all the perfectly good Oreos away to resist temptation the following day. That may mean eating 3 Oreos, it may mean an entire row.

My "Jessica Rabbit" bangs are not a part of my solo-life-style. Instead, they are clipped effortlessly on top of my head with any device capable of allowing me to see. It is not sexy.

I'm a pretty neat person. But I occasionally leave a bowl of half-eaten cereal and milk in the sink for more than 24-hours.

I wear things when alone that I'd never be caught dead in. Underwear with holes in them, a shirt with a phallus on it, and what my friends and I refer to has "Bikings" <--- a cross between leggings and biker-shorts. Also, not sexy.

So while I may miss these single-girl-behaviors, I think putting an end to them might bring me a new sense of self.

One where binge eating and weekly "costumes" will no longer be a part of my "Me."

I guess that's not so bad after all.

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Sten said...

Speaking as a single woman living alone, I can positively confirm everything you're saying. I tend to lounge around in over-sized men's pajama pants and a paint stained baseball shirt. I lay with feet up on the back of the coach and sip straight from the juice container. This, of course, saves me from having to wash a glass.