Friday, September 19, 2008

Too late to say I'm sorry ...

There is a number in my phone I scroll over whenever I go to make a call. It belonged to an old friend with whom I had a ... complicated relationship. I was a complete jerk. Really, I was thoughtless and unfeeling and took him for granted. I knew it too ... and never found the time to apologize and mend the friendship.

But it's too late now. He passed away in an accident some time ago. The cherry on top is that I found out on MySpace. I bet Tom never knew his site would double as an obit page.

I remember the first time I met him. The nights we stayed up talking until the sun peaked up over the horizon. I remember the very last frustrated and strained goodbye. These things happened so long ago, yet I am haunted if they occurred yesterday.

With the years that had passed, he moved on several times over and might never have given me a second thought. Still, every time I see his name in my contacts I will get a sharp pang of regret in the pit of my stomach. For I haven't the heart to delete him out.

For what it's worth I am now, and always will be, so very sorry.

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